Top Kill

It seems that Steve Chu, the Nobel Prizing-winning Secretary of Energy and his staff of advisors have been exercising what I consider to be questionable risk management with regard to the BP oil gusher.
In his presser this morning, Adm. Allen announced that they are still trying to decide what to do about the relief well. Dithering seems a strong word, but I'm going to use it now.
In the deep water, there is virtually no room for error, stupidity or bad design. Add hubris, and you get what we've been dealing with now for 100 days.
BP released another instructional video that sort of explains what they are planning; leaving out key how's and why's and throwing in just enough oil speak so as to be distracting from the otherwise good illustration.
We're absolutely, resolutely, and irrefutably addicted to oil, but not in the way that you might think. I'm talking about the ubiquitous presence of plastic in our lives every day.
The recent "We're BP and we're so sorry" ad campaign that's costing millions to air in lieu of expediting financial claims is destined to rank right up there with marrying a Kardashian, for worst PR move, EVER.