Trader Joe's

The federal labor board’s general counsel said “deep-pocket, low-road employers” were trying to challenge the agency’s constitutionality.
It's the latest charge of union-busting activity by the grocery chain.
Labor board officials have accused the grocer of using illegal tactics to sway workers against unionizing.
Amazon is arguing in a legal filing that the 88-year-old National Labor Relations Board is unconstitutional.
The company has appealed a judge's order throwing out its claims and reprimanding attorneys for filing the lawsuit.
An attorney for the union called the company’s challenges a “replay of the 2020 presidential election.”
A lawyer for the union says the company is aligning itself with right-wing ideologues who want to destroy the regulatory state.
Workers had told HuffPost they believed the closure was meant to chill their union campaign.
The judge wrote that the company had tried to “weaponize the legal system” against its workers, and that its attorneys almost deserved sanctions.
Officials also allege that the grocer illegally withheld retirement benefits from the first of its stores that organized.