A state senator in Wyoming says electric vehicles don’t bother him. So why is he proposing a law to ban the sale of new ones?
“We are past the point where they could say that this is a weather-driven issue,” the transportation secretary said.
Eighty-eight percent of the guns found this year were loaded, the TSA said.
Investigators cried fowl at the discovery.
Last week’s fatal train derailment in Philadelphia has rekindled the debate about infrastructure spending. Gillian B. White of “The Atlantic” joins HuffPost Live to discuss.
The Georgia Republican accused the transportation secretary of trying to “emasculate the way we drive” by supporting electric cars.
White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said a rail shutdown is "not acceptable" and would harm families as well as businesses.
Numerous transportation projects across the U.S. will be getting a slice of $2.2 billion of new federal funding.
The father was found to have methamphetamine in his system when the deadly crash took place, investigators said.
The department has authority to prohibit "unfair or deceptive" airline practices.