Agents seized the weapon but did not arrest Epps, who reportedly said he forgot it was his bag.
The probe targets a series of accidents, including the derailment in East Palestine and a conductor's death on Tuesday.
The same week, another incidence of severe turbulence sent seven commercial airplane passengers to the hospital.
“It’s not safe here,” said one man, staring straight at representatives of Norfolk Southern. “I’m begging you, by the grace of God, please get our people out of here.”
Alan Shaw will face tough questions about whether the railroad has been investing enough in safety as it slashed jobs in recent years.
The under-fire transportation secretary also said he plans to travel to East Palestine, Ohio.
A state senator in Wyoming says electric vehicles don’t bother him. So why is he proposing a law to ban the sale of new ones?
“We are past the point where they could say that this is a weather-driven issue,” the transportation secretary said.
Eighty-eight percent of the guns found this year were loaded, the TSA said.