Treasury Department

Trump’s proposed budget plan would mean massive cuts to education, infrastructure and social services.
ABC says the Treasury secretary took one flight from New York to D.C. that cost taxpayers $25,000. And he's not the only high-flyer in the Cabinet.
Steven Mnuchin's family foundation donated to, and Mnuchin himself sat on the boards of, two nonprofits that wrote supportive
President Obama has correctly identified student debt as a serious national concern. While it would take legislation to address the issue comprehensively, the Obama administration has been taking administrative steps to deliver relief to borrowers.
At every step along the way, Mnuchin's career has been about enriching the "billionaires' club"--regardless if the less fortunate
If there's anything that Donald Trump has taught us, it's that anything is possible in America. Any crazy-ass thing, no matter
Steven Mnuchin: While Trump blasted Clinton throughout the campaign for her ties to Wall Street, the president-elect is considering
I wanted to take a moment to share my view that this new "progressive" conventional wisdom is dead-wrong: Dr. Lael Brainard would be an extraordinary addition to any incoming administration.
Getting Congress to pay attention to Puerto Rico was like "talking to them in a foreign language."
The Obama administration has made considerable progress over the past eight years to make our tax code fairer. This week, the Treasury Department is building on that progress through proposed new rules closing a loophole that allows some wealthy families to avoid paying their fair share in estate taxes.
Jack Lew visited a San Juan hospital affected by the debt crisis and urged Congress to act.
It’s easier than you might think to violate U.S. trade law.
Kudos to the Treasury Department which has announced that Harriet Tubman's face will grace the front of the redesigned $20 bill, making her the first woman in more than a century and first African American ever to be represented on the face of an American paper note.
Journalist and author Cokie Roberts says that philandering liar Alexander Hamilton is still making women wait their turn to assume their rightful place on the front of American currency.
Suddenly, capitalism American-style looks a little more human and a little more fair, if recent developments on the business front become a trend.