Treasury Department

Administration officials are using the report to promote President Joe Biden's economic agenda as he campaigns for reelection — and as the IRS faces threats to its funding.
The Treasury brushed off the potential impact of Fitch Ratings' move as it announced details of upcoming debt sales.
The announcement by Secretary Janet Yellen gives Congress major breathing room as they seek to avert a debt default.
The Treasury Secretary added that some bills will "have to go unpaid" if lawmakers don't act in time.
Tax season receipts are still down, but not as much as feared, easing concerns over a possible June “drop dead” debt default date.
A Treasury Department watchdog said it “has audit work planned” on the state’s compliance with requirements for using American Rescue Plan funds.
Lynn Malerba, the first woman to be named ceremonial chief of the Mohegan Tribe, will have her name on currency and head up a new Treasury Department tribal affairs office.
At least 50 cities and counties still haven't sent out a single penny, according to a HuffPost analysis of Treasury data.
The hack is so serious it led to a National Security Council meeting at the White House on Saturday, said one of the people familiar with the matter.
"I want to be crystal clear: The Treasury can move this money in an hour," said the California Democrat.