The troublesome terrapin didn't seem to care that it was taunting two of the world's most fearsome apex predators.
The state's freshwater turtles are struggling as pollution, climate change and over-extraction of water threatens their fragile home.
Pet owners took their animals to church to mark the feast of St. Anthony, the protector of animals.
Robert Crosland said he believed he was doing the right thing by putting the sick puppy out of its misery.
Investigators are trying to determine how a severed human digit wound up inside a turtle's stomach.
But NOAA manages to save 18 "cold-stunned" sea turtles in Texas.
“Nobody deserves to be abused, animal or person," the victim said.
Shannon Moore discovered her old patient while on a recent walk.
"[The] administration has declared war on whales, dolphins and turtles off the coast of California," one advocate said.