"I just think if I chewed lava quick enough it wouldn’t be too bad."
"People who say 'enjoy every moment' have never sat next to my kids eating chips."
It was a tasteless choice, considering the U.S. coronavirus death toll has topped 160,000 and is projected to reach 300,000 by December.
The president's unsubstantiated claims of tech giants' anti-conservative bias are a key pillar of his reelection playbook — and a rallying cry for campaign donations.
"Is there such a thing as boxed beer, and if not, why not"
The president referred to the Asian country as "Thighland" before correcting himself.
Facebook and Twitter both penalized the campaign for posting video from a Fox News interview in which Trump says children are "almost immune" to COVID-19.
"Flex on your kids by calling your new dinner recipe 'Ew, Disgusting' before they do."
The comparisons weren’t lost on the actress, though she wished that wasn’t the case.
The pop star sent the daytime talk show host "love & a hug" on Twitter as revelations continued about the culture at the "Ellen" show.