Huerta, who plays the villain Namor, had "Black Panther" fans piping up about his package.
"Thinking about how many times my dating life has been used as a storytime to my friends’ significant others."
The new owner of the social media platform is seeding a turf war for the internet’s “town square.”
“Apple has mostly stopped advertising on Twitter. Do they hate free speech in America?” the tech mogul tweeted on Monday.
The George Washington Mount Vernon Estate has been unable to definitively trace the actual origin of the quote.
Donald Trump's son received some blunt reminders about the former president on Twitter.
Mulling the hypothetical removal of Twitter from app stores, the CEO wrote that he would pursue the plan as a last resort.
The billionaire was asked about the Florida governor after tweeting that he wants someone "sensible and centrist" in 2024.
Elon Musk said the platform will start adding a different color of check mark for verified users based on their type of account.
The horror meister can only envision one advertiser that'll stick with tortured Twitter.