The former president's son retweeted a not-so-kind caricature of Donald Trump.
Temperatures in the northeast are climbing into the mid-40s Fahrenheit, after the region suffered through temperatures that plummeted into the negative teens.
Musk insists Twitter is already on the same page regarding "accuracy" and "accountability."
“She’s HORRIBLE! All the dancing and stuff is fake,” one Twitter user wrote.
The pontiff suggested that the middle finger, "which is higher than the others, reminds us of something essential: honesty."
Hunter Biden is seeking criminal probes into his longtime GOP foes over his infamous laptop.
If you believed a tweet that claimed J.Lo was going to sing Whitney Houston songs during a tribute to the late singer, don’t worry, you’re not alone.
“Just sayin’,” the horror author tweeted following a recent episode of HBO's hit drama.
The Republican senator can't seem to stop reminding people about his cold-weather escape act two years ago.
A tweet from the Ohio Republican received a number of scathing responses online, with another critic simply writing, "oh shut up."