The "Game of Thrones" star "was robbed," several people complained on Twitter.
Twitter teased the "Russian Doll" star for appearing as if she "just learned to clap 5 minutes before the broadcast."
The wide receiver announced his decision on Twitter after the New England Patriots dismissed him following sexual assault allegations.
"The phone camera arms race really overestimates the degree to which i want to see my own face in high definition."
"Was just informed by our youngest that she no longer likes grilled cheese, so there goes 95% of my weekly meal planning."
The singer posted images from her 37th year of life on her website, including some incredible Halloween outfits from 2018.
One Twitter user told the president that "absolutely everyone knows, 100%, that you have, would, will and do say inappropriate things on a daily basis."
The irony of the former White House press secretary’s demand did not go unnoticed.
"On the plus side, everyone knows Trump's promises aren't good for anything!" one person pointed out on Twitter.
Trump was seen boarding Air Force One in California with cash hanging from his back pocket, and people were curious why the president would need it.
“What is Twitter doing to combat this misinformation?” the congresswoman responded.
Think twice before you use a public platform to air personal grievances that could get someone (including yourself) in trouble.
"I'm moving in with my girlfriend in three weeks. Hoping to finish all my life's farting before then."
The "Truth Hurts" singer acknowledged she’d gone too far with her Twitter "blast" and vowed to “check my petty and my pride.”
The singer was her own harshest critic, but fans quickly set Mimi straight.
GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham incurred Trump's wrath after a tweet about "weakness" over Iran.
The model was forced to change her email address after she tweeted a picture of it to her 11.7 million followers.
A reporter owns up to writing the "misworded" post that described an act of sexual misconduct as seemingly "harmless fun."
"My husband’s favorite place to stand is right in front of whatever cabinet I need."