"A party more moderate on all issues than either Reps or Dems would be ideal," Musk tweeted after vowing to vote GOP.
Former President Donald Trump's latest attempt at dodging his permanent ban goes down in flames.
Donald Trump's former White House adviser admits in her new memoir that she had a hard time competing with her husband's "new fling."
The former president blamed his age when he mistakenly referenced Iraq instead of Ukraine while addressing Russia's invasion.
The tech billionaire said that he historically voted Democrat in the past, but now claims that Democrats were a party of "division and hate."
A 139-page filing chronicles how the deal came together and says the company wants to finish the $44 billion sale "promptly."
Elon Musk is holding off on his $44 billion purchase of Twitter after raising concerns about the number of bots and spam accounts.
“My offer was based on Twitter’s SEC filings being accurate,” Musk tweeted Tuesday.
He still seemed unenthusiastic about buying due to concerns about bots, he told a conference. “The more questions I ask, the more my concerns grow.”
The former president's Truth Social messages are being posted on Twitter, even though he's supposed to be permanently banned.