When all else fails, there's still dogs to be thankful for.
Jenna Ellis then defended her mistake by saying "I posted it because the ifea itself is true, whether or not he said it!"
The campaign's legal adviser posted a tweet using a quote falsely attributed to the 26th president defending truth.
The rock band's tweet is worthy of its own prize.
"I'm gonna need you to stop making me fall in love with you," one fan wrote.
Tony Schwartz, who co-wrote "The Art Of The Deal" in 1987, said he refuses to work on the president's memoirs.
The pop star’s directorial debut, “Music,” centers on a nonverbal autistic teenager played by the neurotypical dancer Maddie Ziegler.
Suggestions include Palm Beach, the Hague, Four Seasons Landscaping and Randy Quaid's beard.
"Did anyone have Donald retweeting Randy Quaid's do-over vote idea on their 2020 Election Bingo card?" asked "Star Wars" actor Mark Hamill.