Ufologist Giorgio A. Tsoukalos accused Fabian Nicieza of knowing nothing about Deadpool, not realizing that the comic book writer helped create the superhero.
"My husband is out of town, but the cupboard doors are still open, so now I have to face some cold hard truths about myself."
"My 6yo searching frantically for his backpack while wearing his back pack is a whole 'Is it summer break yet?' mood."
"Behind The Music: 'Cruel Summer' was actually written by a parent whose kid couldn’t get into a full-day camp."
"Marriage is between two people: one person who is on the verge of sleep and one person who is asking if the front door is locked."
Nick Fuentes, a virulent antisemite who also attended the Jan. 6 Capitol attack, has called Adolf Hitler "really fucking cool."
"My 8yo singing Howareyouyeah instead of Hallelujah is the rewrite we all needed."
"My husband is eating potato chips super loud so I guess we’re arguing now."
"I don’t need Pinterest school lunch ideas. I need 'Oh the bus is here' school lunch ideas."
The Grammy-winning singer left the internet divided after gushing over the controversial singer.