The social media platform was supposed to be canceled right after spoiled man-baby Elon Musk purchased the site. But, for some reason, we just can't leave it alone.
It's not just a government problem — but they are the most influential players in this game.
The Grammy winner used her social media to set the record straight after Twitter users called her out.
Some took advantage of Elon Musk's new Twitter policies to increase their reach and promote Moscow-approved talking points.
"I told my kids to go to bed so naturally they are performing a musical."
Steven DeKnight criticized the "Wednesday" star, even though he never worked with her.
"My father-in-law suggested I bite my breastfeeding baby back so I could 'teach him a lesson.'"
"Before I realized I have ADHD i just thought it was normal get absolutely nothing done the entire day for no good reason and then complete 90% of my tasks from 4:51pm to 4:58pm."
The comedian had a serious message for people on Twitter after watching his long-ago castmates reach a pinnacle of show business success.
Steve Kirsch said he offered $100,000 to a fellow passenger if she took off her mask. But he didn't realize he came across as the seatmate from hell.