The actor drew criticism for a tweet arguing that the word "woman" is being erased.
Twitter users dished on their biggest dishwasher failures, from disastrously cooking salmon to cleaning rubber chickens.
The actor, often celebrated as a gay icon, disappointed fans with her take arguing that inclusive language erases women.
The Certified Lover Boy shocked fans when he hit the stage to perform alongside the iconic pop group.
"Wow, really didn't expect this to blow up," the tennis tournament's Twitter account wrote about its viral comeback.
The restaurant had opened at a Wilmington, Delaware, mall in 1987.
One Twitter user wrote, "Kimberly Elise was literally in For Colored Girls.. need I remind her of the abortion plot point???"
"My toddler said 'I feel drinky' and yeah girl, same."
"Everyone compliments the jumpsuit when you wear it out — but when you get to the bathroom it’s just you and your choices"
"Pardon me?" many Twitter users asked the Florida congressman.