LeBron James, Viola Davis and Smash Mouth were among the celebrities offering condolences to the legendary rapper's family.
"I can’t wait to refuse my first hug."
"Being vaccinated does NOT mean you can travel across disparate dimensions to find Laura Palmer decades in the past ... ” one person helpfully noted.
"Yes, autocorrect. By all means, let’s size the day."
The Republican Party’s opposition to anything that President Joe Biden is for is pushing GOP politicians into taking some bizarre positions.
The “Parks and Recreation” star’s name began to trend on Twitter Wednesday, implying that the bizarre headline was a real news story.
The legendary "Reading Rainbow" host shared a petition on Twitter that has more 160,000 signatures demanding he be made a guest host on the game show.
"Could multiplication facts become popular on Tik Tok, that would be super helpful with homeschooling."
The two-time Grammy winner celebrated the success of “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” by pledging to "do so much sex tonight.”
The "Girls" creator launched a "tightly edited" clothing line that tops out at size 26, which some said caters to "mid-size at best."