"Isn't this something he said about himself?" asked one person on Twitter.
Walter Shaub asked in a lengthy Twitter thread if Trump has "created a culture where officials believe he wants people to stay at his properties."
"I showed a photo of J.Lo in 'Hustlers' to both my trainer and my financial advisor, so what I'm saying is, my body is ready."
"I hope to someday be as confident as my 3-year-old who thinks she’s having fruit snacks for breakfast."
Twitter weighed in on whether the presidential hopefuls cracked thigh-slappers or duds.
Some Twitter critics thought stitching on the back of the coat resembled a plane crashing into a building.
Chief executives of nearly 150 companies are calling on the U.S. Senate to pass gun-control legislation to combat mass shootings.
"She's got a son," President Trump told reporters of his wife, Melania, apparently before remembering that he is the other parent.
From Jamie Riley to Jemele Hill, Black writers and leaders are being labeled as racist. This should encourage us to speak up even more.
"Except when we invite the Taliban over for a photo op," George Conway fired back on Twitter.
She also revealed the best consequence of her online feud with the president.
These posts will surely resonate and make you laugh.
The outlet apologized for botching the Democratic presidential candidate's name, but not before prompting #WhoIsJohnYang to trend on Twitter.
The president said he was “only kidding” about the suggestion.
Seth Meyers, Trevor Noah, Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert chimed in on the latest controversies engulfing the president.
The president got hit with a new nickname after attacking Chrissy Teigen and John Legend.
"My wife and I have taken four photos together in the last two years, meanwhile we have 93 photos of our dog sleeping since last week."
Twitter users taunted Trump after he inadvertently "undercut his argument" with an edited video.