There's one topic Gaetz should probably refrain from joking about, his fellow Republican congressman points out.
Israelis and Palestinians are in the midst of an intensifying conflict following the worst exchange of airstrikes since 2014.
A lot of sarcastic sympathy was extended to the gun lobbying group.
The QAnon-endorsing Georgia Republican took her conspiratorial musings over Dr. Anthony Fauci to a new low.
"The @GOP is the solid, undeniable winner of the race to the bottom," one critic snarked at the Republican National Committee's post.
The former president's eldest son wasn’t happy when Twitter said people were confused by his tweet calling Joe Biden "the next Jimmy Carter."
The Trump-loving senator used an iPhone to make a Twitter post promoting his anti-big tech book on Amazon.
"Having kids has turned my house into a junk drawer."
“Just try to get away from Sen. Hawley. It’s like trying to escape the Kardashians," said the "New Day" host.
"A teardrop tattoo for every homemade dinner kids refuse to eat."