"My kid is shopping for a winter coat that will match his shorts and flip flops."
Shortly after tweeting a swastika intertwined with a Star of David, the antisemitic rapper said his account had been locked.
Right-wingers are out to scrub Twitter of everyone but them, with Elon Musk's help.
Musk uses his social media company to attack a consumer for not buying his product from another company.
During a disturbing interview with Alex Jones, Ye said he would give the Infowars host the reins to his Twitter account.
Following a meeting at the Cupertino company's HQ, Musk said its CEO "was clear that Apple never considered doing so."
Musk has signaled an interest in rolling back many of Twitter’s previous rules meant to combat misinformation.
The comic actor said he's leaving Twitter and left fans with a head-scratching cartoon.
The group overseeing the entire Asia-Pacific region is reportedly down to just one person.
Elon Twitter is rolling out the red carpet for extremists, and now, public health falsehoods.