The ruling is a defeat for labor unions and allies in the state Legislature who passed a law in 2019 requiring companies like Uber and Lyft to treat drivers as employees.
The ride-hailing company is accused of knowing about the incidents since at least 2014 but failing to take adequate safety actions.
Watching Hulu’s “The Dropout,” Showtime’s “Super Pumped” and Apple TV+’s “WeCrashed” together is too much.
Uber said it planned to appeal, setting up a fight that could likely end up in the California Supreme Court.
“We have to make it easier and more convenient for all Americans to get vaccinated,” President Joe Biden said.
Gig workers finally got unemployment benefits, but lawmakers are looking for a permanent policy.
New video appears to show Mohammad Anwar, 66, hanging out the side of his car as the girls speed off with it. Moments later, the vehicle crashes.
Police said Kamal Essalak trapped a woman in his car and refused to let her out as she screamed for help.
The unmasked passenger was seen on viral video coughing on the driver, snatching his cellphone and ripping off his mask.
Malaysia King and Arna Kimiai coughed on their San Francisco driver and pepper-sprayed him after he stopped their ride for refusing to wear a mask, police said.