The ride-share company shared its annual "Lost & Found Index" detailing the common — and uncommon — things passengers have forgotten.
The city's council voted to override a mayoral veto and require ride-hailing services increase driver wages to the equivalent of the local minimum wage.
The Sun reported that the actor would revisit his character from the 1976 film in an ad campaign.
The deadly 2018 crash was the first to involve a fully autonomous car.
The California pair says they were left “feeling helpless” after their card was charged the erroneous amount for a ride.
Doctors explain why this happens with a ride-hailing service or taxi but not when you drive (plus some tips to help the nausea).
Beau Mann, who founded the addiction recovery app Sober Grid, was last seen getting into an Uber at a Los Angeles convenience store in 2021.
The ruling is a defeat for labor unions and allies in the state Legislature who passed a law in 2019 requiring companies like Uber and Lyft to treat drivers as employees.
The ride-hailing company is accused of knowing about the incidents since at least 2014 but failing to take adequate safety actions.
Watching Hulu’s “The Dropout,” Showtime’s “Super Pumped” and Apple TV+’s “WeCrashed” together is too much.