The New York Democrat admitted the enhanced pandemic benefits were still doomed but said someone at least had to try.
The Texas senator was responding to an article about unemployment benefits expiring for millions.
Federal unemployment benefits cut off Sept. 6. By the end of the month, health insurance benefits for unemployed end too.
Jobless workers in states that cut federal benefits early had much less money but were only slightly likelier to have found jobs.
The president previously said it would be good for unemployment benefits to expire.
Democrats have no desire to extend benefits for 7.5 million facing a September cutoff.
Under pressure from conservative groups, GOP senators refused to strengthen IRS enforcement to pay for the bipartisan infrastructure deal.
It's further evidence that the U.S. economy and job market are quickly rebounding from the pandemic recession.
Hogan was one of the many Republican governors who tried to cut off the benefits afforded through the American Rescue Plan early.
The economy and the job market appear to be rebounding from the coronavirus recession with sustained energy.