Americans were looking for "relief." Instead the president promised to defund Social Security and Medicare, said a Florida lawmaker.
In a legally ambiguous move, the president turned to executive orders while negotiations between Democrats and Republicans remain at an impasse.
Millions of tenants may be evicted in the midst of a public health crisis if the government can't agree on the next pandemic relief bill.
He also told Poppy Harlow she was "nitpicking" when she read off a list of times he's been wrong about COVID-19, jobs and the integrity of U.S. workers.
The White House rejected an offer from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and the two sides remain far apart.
While the unemployment rate declined, it still exceeds the highest rate during the 2008-2009 Great Recession.
This weekend will mark two weeks since the last $600 unemployment checks went out.
The payment provided critical support for many of the unemployed.
Negotiations over another economic stimulus package are inching forward but lawmakers still remain far apart on many issues, including jobless benefits.
A new study takes a second look at the percentage of laid-off workers getting better pay from the enhanced unemployment benefits that expired last week.