Four Republican-led states are dropping federal unemployment benefits after Saturday.
The president is glad the extra benefits are temporary, and he's cool with GOP governors pulling the plug early.
The May jobs report showed little evidence that unemployment benefits are stalling economic growth, despite Republicans' continued attacks.
The recovery from the coronavirus pandemic continues.
Marty Walsh urged calm on the eve of a huge jobs report.
The decline in applications reflects a swift rebound in economic growth and the job market’s steady recovery from the coronavirus recession.
And they're using "blue state bailout" funds to pay for the bonuses.
The number offers more evidence that the job market is strengthening as the virus wanes and economy further reopens.
Republicans blame unemployment benefits, but there's a simpler reason: the jobs are hard and they don't pay great.
So far, 23 states have said they'll end the extra $300 Congress put in place until September.