States can now require laid-off workers to pee in cups in order to receive unemployment benefits.
Gallup has been tracking the favorability of unions for decades, and it's been steadily rising since the recession ended.
"For the first time ever, recent college graduates are more likely unemployed than the base US population."
A proposed regulation would let states test some workers, but it's not clear how many would meet the criteria.
The past two years have been incredibly tough, but they’ve also shown me how strong I am.
The president says the state is "producing record setting numbers." In fact, it has the lowest median income in the U.S. and one of the highest poverty rates.
The stakes are high for millions of Americans — and the 2020 election.
These majors lead to jobs, according to a new survey.
It's part of a budget that hurts parents and families, from a White House that rips babies from mothers' arms.
A weaker global economy, a trade war with China and signs of caution among consumers likely contributed to slow growth.
The world's most prominent trial of universal basic income has ended -- and the first results are in.
"He’s trying to stop us from helping them out," Inslee said of Trump's treatment of federal workers.
Gov. Gavin Newsom is defying instructions from the Trump administration.
Here's how to prepare for the inevitable economic downturn.
The congresswoman's suggestion was that a 70 percent rate be applied only to earnings beyond $10 million.
The benefits can serve as a lifeline as workers start to miss paychecks.
Low-wage jobs catering to tourists and retirees proliferated after the recession.
The GOP is trying to put yet another roadblock between between poor people and the help they need.