In my team of essential workers, I am the only one who had to stop working. I'm also the only single mother.
The still-elevated number of jobless claims underscores that a full recovery from the pandemic recession remains far off.
The economic pain of the COVID-19 crisis could scar another generation financially, on top of all of its other woes.
Congress is dithering and long-term benefits are expiring at the end of the year.
The economy is still roughly 10.7 million jobs short of recovering all the 22 million jobs that were lost when the pandemic struck in early spring.
Here I am, trying to figure out whether it is safe to start seeing clients again.
More coronavirus relief would possibly help Donald Trump, but it would definitely help millions of struggling workers.
It makes sense: Labor groups make their members aware of benefit programs and help them access them.
The latest sign of a flagging recovery comes two days after President Trump cut off talks over a new relief package needed for millions of unemployed Americans.
The latest data offers voters a final look at the most important barometer of the U.S. economy before the Nov. 3 presidential election.