The effort to reduce the “time tax” spent on accessing government benefits aims to make them more accessible and reduce inequality.
People Are Sharing The Quickest Ways They’ve Seen A Coworker Get Fired
The legislation would give states and prosecutors more incentive to go after imposter unemployment claimants.
The unemployment rate ticked down to 3.4%, matching a 54-year low.
Over the past few decades, salaries and working conditions for airport employees have eroded. HuffPost Live's Zach Carter finds out what has caused this change, and what workers are doing to fight for a living wage.
Republican lawmakers may balk at providing extra unemployment insurance benefits.
September’s slightly more moderate pace of hiring may be welcomed by the Fed, which has been trying to tame high inflation without causing a recession.
Reduced openings are a clear sign that the Fed’s anti-inflation strategy is taking effect — but also a potential omen of economic hardship to come.
States are cutting back, and Congress is unlikely to step in even after the pandemic exposed the unemployment system's shortcomings.