United Airlines

A traveler who claimed to be on the plane said the excrement was in “a very liquid form.”
Passengers were forced to endure the terrible odor of feces as the toilet's contents entered the cabin.
A United spokesperson said Monday that the offer is voluntary.
The airline has been a part of at least four separate incidents this year alone.
Airport officials say a Boeing 737-800 was found to have a missing panel after a United Airlines flight arrived at its destination in southern Oregon.
The plunging tire crushed a vehicle in a San Francisco International Airport parking lot.
The cross-country flight was forced to land in Chicago on Wednesday after a note was reportedly found in the plane's bathroom.
The plane was seen with noticeable damage to a slat on its wing while attempting to fly from San Francisco to Boston.
Alaska Airlines and United Airlines are the only two U.S. airlines that utilize Boeing 737 Max 9 jets in their fleets.
The planes were grounded after a mid-flight blowout on a similar Alaska Airlines jet.