The mayor of a nearby town fears the paper's name will bring “public ridicule” to the area.
However, the smell could quite literally be the last thing you notice.
The planet has 27 known moons. But are there more?
Have you ever noticed that some people have out of the blue events in their lives while other people have a more moderate life experience? In an astrology chart the planet that symbolizes these sudden unexpected events is Uranus, the so called cataclysmic planet.
The miniature world -- some 30 light-years from Earth -- could have exotic features like diamond rain and scorching hot oceans.
The problem, as with most astronomical phenomena, is the huge timescales in which things happen. We therefore rely on supercomputers to feed them data and get simulations which show us what happens in thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, or billions of years.
New computer modeling backs up the tiny rocks theory of planet formation.
The 7th House of your birth chart holds the answer to that question. This is the House of intimate partnerships such as marriage, where there's a deep commitment of love between two people.
The researchers made the discovery via gravitational microlensing, an observational technique in which gravity from a star
The 8th House of your birth chart rules death, sex, taxes, investments and transformation. You may be thinking: "Am I going to die rich with a smile on my face?" The answer may depend on how transformed you are.
A transit is an astrological event that comes into your life and changes it. Where the change occurs depends on which of the 12 Houses of your birth chart that transit affects.
Based on this new data, the researchers calculate that about 0.1 percent of all the asteroids and comets 6 to 34 astronomical
The planet Uranus was discovered by astronomer William Herschel in 1781. Almost immediately, astronomers started to see deviations of its orbit from predictions made by Newton's theory of gravitation.
Transits are "astrological" events that affect every area of your life and in this case: your sex life. A lucky transit may