Transit Of Venus

You may catch it as you're commuting home or walking into the house. At first it looks like a plane but it doesn't move like a plane. It just glistens and when you stare at it long enough you will wonder, "Wow, what is that thing?
The whole world was dark, everything visible to my eyes coated in the same uniform darkness except for the small, oddly-shaped patches of dim orange directly at the center of my vision. I felt a cramp in my neck as I mentally beseeched them to brighten, to expand.
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Back in the 18th century, scientists knew the solar system's relative scale. They were aware, for example, that Jupiter orbited
Logging on to the Internet, it was somewhat disturbing to see the weather forecast for Mauna Kea the next day: At the summit 0 to 20 percent cloud cover with high winds, temperatures near freezing and 50 percent chance of fog. Uh, oh...
Australian artist Lynette Wallworth was determined to use the rare occurrence of the transit of Venus to create a sense of perspective and get people to think about the global problems that the world's ocean currently faces.
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On Tuesday, Venus will cross will cross in front of the sun, a rare phenomenon that will not occur again for more than another
If you missed the Transit of Venus in 2004, then today, June 5, 2012, is the last time you will see this rare astronomical event until December 2117! I can't begin to imagine society the next time a human sees the black dot of Venus in transit.