A North Carolina branch of the hotel chain will host a Sons of Confederate Veterans gathering, even after a racial justice group expressed concerns.
Prince Harry teamed up with Jon Bon Jovi for a song in honor of the Invictus games.
Prince Harry teamed up with Jon Bon Jovi for a song in honor of the Invictus games.
The progressive group Common Defense pointed to the presidential hopefuls' support for ending the "forever war."
The figure that caused him to topple over isn’t even the full value of the old Rolex, according to an appraiser on “Antiques Roadshow.”
Veterans of Foreign Wars said it couldn't "stand idle" after Trump's "misguided" comments about troop injuries following a recent attack by Iran.
The liberal veterans group said the South Bend, Indiana, mayor has "what it takes to beat Donald Trump."
The former "Daily Show" host brought his political comedy to Stand Up for Heroes, alongside John Oliver, Hasan Minhaj and Ronny Chieng.
Vice President Mike Pence promised supporters that under the Trump administration, Bible displays will be protected on government property.
The freshman senator from Arizona used her maiden speech to tell the story of an Iraq War veteran who died by suicide.
Vets call the president a "criminal" and question his loyalty in the video produced by veterans group Common Defense and billionaire Tom Steyer.
"It’s really a way to honor a family that ... has shown that the country is bigger than any one individual,” said Peter Kauffmann of VoteVets.
In fact, McCain was a sponsor of the legislation and successfully pushed for the one feature Trump constantly takes credit for. Obama signed it into law in 2014.
American soldier KT Robbins fell in love with French woman Jeannine Pierson in 1944, but lost touch when he went to fight on the Eastern Front.
Tom Rice said there was one big difference between this jump and the one he did in 1944: "They weren't shooting at me."
Joe Perricone, 95, and Bill William Arnold Craddock, 85, celebrated their graduations more than 65 years after their classmates.
"I know he means well but I don't know what the story is with they're 'working it out with us,'" Artie Muller said.
Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, both 2020 presidential candidates, served in the armed forces and were deployed overseas.
After 14 years in the Army, Asha Castleberry is fighting an even longer battle on the home front.
“There’s lots of kinds of PTSD ... You might break down right then. I might not break down for 10 years," veteran and actor Tucker Smallwood explains.