The Department of Veterans Affairs has issued guidance to "reverse the harm done" to people forced out of the military due to their sexuality or gender identity.
Veterans reflect on the mission that America ignored — and that many of them are still paying for.
The president "is moving in our direction" after previously saying he would forgive only up to $10,000 per borrower, the top Senate Democrat told HuffPost.
Hospital staff sang "Happy birthday dear Pop Pop" to Major Wooten as he was discharged Tuesday.
Nearly 200 residents and staff members at the State Veterans Home at LaSalle have tested positive for the virus as cases rise throughout the Midwest.
The focal point of the "living statue," which was put on by the Trump Statue Initiative, was a faux-Trump plowing a gilded golf cart through a graveyard.
Trump reportedly called fallen soldiers “losers” and “suckers” in 2018.
Despite his claims to respect veterans more than anyone, President Donald Trump has frequently made offensive statements about members of the armed forces and their families.
"He doesn’t understand people’s bravery and courage because he’s never had any of his own," the veteran, who was wounded in the Iraq War, said Friday.
The president's controversial remarks from 2018 were confirmed by multiple outlets, including Fox News.