Virtual Reality

People on Twitter hilariously dragged Mark Zuckerberg's new “metaverse” offering — a virtual reality remote work app.
A pilot program using VR technology shows promising results for managing pain without medication.
"Bullet Train" featured players firing on virtual people in a train station just days after the Parkland high school shootings.
"Sin City" director Robert Rodriguez is behind this "first-of-its-kind series."
Glenn Cantave explains how his group Movers and Shakers is using cutting-edge technology to revolutionize activism.
Critics called the video, which toured the hurricane-hit island, “disaster tourism."
After all these years living near the Arizona-Mexico border, encountering the “other” lost and blistered, hobbling across
By Bruce Janz, UCF Forum columnist Humanities is just about reading old books and writing new ones, isn’t it? Not anymore