President Donald Trump, meanwhile, flew to his private Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida.
Helping people and animals affected by the fires, from donating to volunteering, "is a marathon and not a sprint."
Volunteers passed about 2,000 books hand-to-hand to the store's new location in Southampton, England.
It’s a purr-fect outcome for snoozy volunteer Terry Lauerman, Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary in Wisconsin and the disabled cats they care for.
"Had a shotgun across his lap. He was ready to take his life."
A "Photoshop Battle" broke out over the image of the man trying to stop photographers snapping an anti-Trump protester.
A growing army of online volunteers is poring over photos to find any trace of the young woman.
In less than a month, the group has raised $260,000 and has reunited six moms with 12 children.
"We see volunteering as a really important way to break down the divides between us."
East Side Riders Bike Club is a volunteer organization in South Central Los Angeles with a mission to improve Watts through community service, charity work, and bike programs aimed at keeping local youth out of gang activity.
From talking about gun control to donating blood, there's a lot we can all do.
Sometimes the best way to help isn’t to volunteer but rather to “shut up and listen.”
They play a role in almost every aspect of abortion care, and they shouldn't have to.
Unsurprisingly, President Donald Trump used MLK Day as an opportunity to play golf. Other presidents used the holiday to give back to the community in the late civil rights leader’s honor.
Nonprofits really need help when volunteer numbers dry up after New Year's.
Sarah Moran, who runs her makeshift shelter entirely on donations, provides dogs with some TLC with the ultimate goal of finding them permanent homes.