The planet has 27 known moons. But are there more?
One man chases another and kills him in the silent halls of one of the most famous art Museums in the world. The dying man
There was some heartening news over the holidays for those of us who are longtime Star Trek fans. And there was some alarming news, none of which has been mitigated since.
It has been over 45 years since the first Moon landing. Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins made a journey for the ages as the Apollo 11 mission rocketed humans to another world. But, what have we done lately?
The new map, which has a resolution of 1,970 feet (600 meters) per pixel, may help bring enigmatic Triton back into the spotlight
While Vicinanza admits he composed the musical arrangement purely as a fun way to present the Voyager mission data, he says
When you see photographs of the Earth from far away, the implications may not immediately be clear. Listen as Carl Sagan
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The interview below has been edited and condensed, but you can listen to the entire conversation with Kate Mulgrew in the
The Voyager team still communicates with the two spacecraft every day, but the probes' extreme distances pose a challenge
HuffPost Senior Science Correspondent Cara Santa Maria, Bobak Ferdowsi, Dr. Alan C. Cummings and Dr. Alex Filippenko talk with Jacob Soboroff about Voyager 1's 'Golden Record,' and what kind of data it includes.
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The exact position of the edge of the solar system is unclear but another indicator that Voyager has entered interstellar
It's almost hard to believe that "Outer Space," the two-minute film from Netherlands-based editor and director Sander van den Berg, was...
Do you still look back fondly on your "Star Trek" days? I do. Some parts more than others, but yeah, she was a great character
Some people have science under their skin—literally. Instead of hearts or anchors, they get tattoos of their favorite scientific
WATCH: [via NASA] Scientists studying the Voyager data noticed what may be giant magnetic bubbles located in the heliosphere