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Lesleigh Nurse sued after she says a self-checkout machine malfunctioned and she was arrested for shoplifting -- then threatened with a suit herself.
Deals on headphones, laptops, furniture and more.
The contaminated $4 spray was sold in 55 Walmart stores and on its website.
Walmart aims to become a regenerative company so we can all Live Better Tomorrow. In honor of this bold ambition, we’re shining a light on how you can love yourself and the planet in the same breath.
Walmart is requiring that all workers at its headquarters as well as managers who travel within the U.S. be vaccinated against COVID-19 by Oct. 4.
Some chains like Walmart and Sam’s Club are only serving pre-sealed food samples.
The suspect tried to pay with two counterfeit $100 bills, but he was denied bail and was returned to jail with the additional charge of forgery.
"Many think ‘that can’t happen here,' and it was well on the way to happening,” said Kerr County Sheriff Larry Leitha.
The woman was reportedly in the process of obtaining a special visa, because of her help as a witness to the 2019 shooting, when she was deported following a traffic stop.
Vague definitions of “corporate social responsibility” and the voluntary nature of much corporate climate reporting have allowed companies to escape scrutiny.
The retail giant blamed a member of its social media team for posting the sassy tweet targeting Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri.
The Justice Department alleges the company unlawfully dispensed controlled substances through its pharmacies
Forty percent of workers at fast-food outlets and big-box stores say social distancing isn’t possible. About a quarter say customers aren’t wearing masks either.
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