These Facebook groups prohibit exchanging money and bartering, but they reduce waste and build communities.
Kenya has harsh penalties for those caught manufacturing, selling, importing or using single-use plastics, yet the country still struggles to reduce its waste.
The city of Prichard’s new residential garbage cans were supposed to say it’s located in “Mobile County.” Instead, they say the town is located in “Mobile Country.”
Spooky season creates mountains of plastic waste, with no solution in sight.
The U.S. creates three times the global average of waste despite representing just 4% of the world's population.
The country represents 4% of the world’s population but produces 12% of municipal solid waste, a stark contrast with China and India.
This year has become the mountain’s deadliest climbing season since 2015.
As the world drowns in trash, Taiwan’s recycling success is a model of change and a beacon of hope.
Throwing plastic trash into open fires releases chemicals that are highly toxic to humans.
It is unknown who put the foam on the kitten, but the owners are not considered suspects.
An effort to cut back on wasteful paper receipts has cleared its first hurdle.
Our consumption culture comes at a heavy cost. But it doesn’t take much to fix our broken stuff.
Millions of people visit Venice, Italy every year. Now, the city is planning on taxing tourists to pay for trash cleanup.
Venice, Italy is planning on charging tourists a tax to keep the city clean.
Monstrous amounts of fat and trash are blocking sewers around the world.
Most wrapping paper for presents can't be recycled. It's bound for the landfill.
Three bear cubs got trapped in a garbage bin but firefighters came to the rescue and helped them to escape.
"Childbirth classes should include useful parenting advice, like how to dispose of a kid's artwork in the outside trash bin only."
The symbols on plastic items don’t necessarily indicate whether or not you can recycle them. Here’s what you need to know.