States of emergency were declared for Massachusetts and Maine, the nation's most heavily forested state.
The hurricane is not expected to make landfall, but meteorologists warned it would generate dangerous waves of up to 15 feet across the northern coast of Puerto Rico.
Flooding triggered by severe rainstorms also hit neighboring Bulgaria and Turkey, leaving a total of 15 people dead in the three countries.
As of Monday afternoon, festival organizers said about 64,000 people remained at the festival site.
Organizers told the "Burners" to “conserve food, water, and fuel, and shelter in a warm, safe space.”
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Hurricane Idalia made landfall on Florida’s coast as a dangerous Category 3 major storm.
Thousands of people are without power and bracing for severe flooding after storm system Hilary brought a record-breaking deluge of rain and wind to Southern California.
The hurricane center said it could survive briefly as a tropical storm and cross the U.S. border.
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