Wells Fargo

Small business owners are suing Wells Fargo and other big banks, saying they "rigged" the coronavirus Paycheck Protection Program to favor large companies.
The lobbying executive defended the bank during the fake accounts scandal. When Harris was California attorney general, she sued the bank for privacy violations.
State and local governments continue to rely on a bank that keeps finding new ways to lose credibility.
CEO Timothy Sloan just told Congress that the massive, scandal-plagued bank "does well by doing right."
The bank did not specify which departments or regions would be impacted by the reductions.
The bank isn't just "too big to fail." It's too big to fix.
The loans in question included subprime and other relatively risky home loans.
“I was going to be a sales person representing that I managed the portfolio. I couldn’t live with that.”
Janet Yellen's parting shot won't kill the greed.
In an unprecedented move, the Fed ordered the bank to halt growth over compliance issues.