Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods said in a statement last week that it’s monitoring the situation and “committed to working with suppliers, fisheries, and environmental advocacy groups as it develops.”
Although the grocery chain says it bans clothing with “visible slogans, messages, logos or advertising” unrelated to the company, employees say it is selectively enforced.
After the closure of Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes due to COVID-19, what will happen to buffet restaurants like Golden Corral and smaller deli and grocery buffets?
Workers told HuffPost that they're not being trained on how to use the cameras and would prefer hazard pay instead.
Facing unusually dangerous conditions, workers on the front lines have received small wage increases, if any. Many feel more underpaid than ever.
Amazon fired an employee after they helped organize a walkout over the company’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.
Amazon and Whole Foods workers are also striking this week for COVID-19-related reasons, demanding hazard pay, expanded paid sick leave and more.
A magazine by the same name caused confusion when it selected the Senate majority leader as its person of the year for his push to legalize hemp.
From Whole Foods to Boston Market, place an order and let someone else do the cooking.
Currently, employees qualify for its health plan by working at least 20 hours per week.