World Malaria Day

On World Malaria Day, we must celebrate our progress. New malaria cases fell by 21 percent between 2010 and 2015 worldwide
This doesn’t just happen to people at the other side of the globe. This nearly killed me.
In many ways, I am lucky to be alive. Growing up in Nigeria, I suffered several bouts of malaria when I was young, with intense
Click here for more information on Work The World. A World Without Malaria? Dr. Melvin Sanicas, vaccinologist and public
You might have seen "Call Your Shot" challenge on social media, where Steph posted a video of him calling -- and making -- a trick shot. But he's calling more than just a basketball shot; he is calling his shot to end one of the deadliest diseases in the world -- malaria.
We are at a point in time, on this World Malaria Day, when it's no longer just hypothetical to think that malaria can be eradicated
When the doctors told my family that my sister Joy had malaria, I didn't understand. She was in Nigeria and we were here
“What we’re doing on malaria shows you can really make a difference.”
The 25th of April is World Malaria Day, which aims to raise awareness about malaria and bring countries together "to showcase
Across the globe, 3.2 billion people are at risk of malaria.
During the last two centuries, vaccines have eradicated smallpox, reduced global child mortality rates, and prevented countless birth defects and lifelong disabilities, such as paralysis from polio.
Early in my career, I was galvanized by a disease that ravaged my country and many others around the world: malaria. My personal experiences with malaria in the field as a young public health officer twenty-seven years ago had a profound effect on my trajectory.
On this World Malaria Day, I stand reinvigorated by the opportunity at hand. The end of malaria is within our grasp. Now it is our collective obligation to meet the call.
Just last year, there were over 200 million cases of malaria, killing over 400,000 people, around 300,000 of whom were under 5 years old. One simple solution is long-lasting insecticidal bednets.
These are records people thought would never fall. And now, Curry is gunning for another "impossible" record--ending one
When I was President of Tanzania, I remember visiting a district where 70 percent of the children were absent from school