The decision comes amid increased warnings about the threat of global warming ahead of the U.N. climate summit later this month.
The 24-year-old talent manager, who founded the content houses TejasHouse and StoryHouze, wants social media content to have an impact on the world.
The streaming video site said it's also banned a number of high-profile anti-vaccine channels.
Police are asking the public to help track down the missing lifestyle influencer who disappeared without a trace in August.
"These makeup tutorials remind me that I, too, can reclaim control of certain parts of my life.”
The Republican senator called his temporary suspension a "badge of honor."
Keith Poe, who has tagged thousands of sharks off California, says the feeding is all about "getting to know each other."
More than 1 billion trolled -- and counting.
Right Wing Watch saw its channel restored hours later — after YouTube rejected its appeal.
The Wisconsin Republican's one-week ban from uploading videos stems from his comments to the Milwaukee Press Club event, which were posted on the platform.
A shady campaign appeared to target social media influencers in Europe with large followings.
Twitter was baffled by a viral video of a woman demonstrating “the easiest way to make spaghetti for a crowd” by mixing ingredients on a countertop.
“Just try to get away from Sen. Hawley. It’s like trying to escape the Kardashians," said the "New Day" host.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would like you to subscribe to their new channel.
The star of YouTube's "Nerdy Nummies" shares her favorite kitchen gadgets, from one that costs less than $3 to a stand mixer we want ASAP.
The YouTuber boxer said the "SNL" comedian won't be invited to be a commentator for the next bout.
YouTuber Zack Hample says he's snagged more than 11,000 Major League baseballs, but this hunt took a bad turn.
The 21-year-old influencer apologized and also said he'd be "taking some time away" from posting for awhile to educate himself and reflect.
Many voiced opposition to the YouTube star's initial response to sexual assault allegations made against his creator group, the Vlog Squad.