Social media platforms have issued bans and takedowns as they face mounting pressure. But how much has really changed?
Their YouTube channels and several others were terminated for violating policies prohibiting hate speech.
The longtime vlogger told her 20 million followers goodbye after apologizing for blackface and other "problematic" videos.
The singer appeared at YouTube’s "Dear Class of 2020" event alongside the Obamas, BTS and Taylor Swift.
The singing YouTube comedy star trashes the "coward" president for going underground during Washington protests against George Floyd's death.
The YouTube star was charged with two misdemeanors after video showed him inside a closed mall in Scottsdale while it was being looted.
The "Twin Peaks" and "Eraserhead" director, who has released surreal weather reports on YouTube since May, opted for a noticeable statement this week.
Father-of-two Rob Kenney hopes his popular YouTube channel, 'Dad, How Do I?' will teach kids key lessons on being an adult.
The controversial YouTuber said he didn’t mean to offend with shades named “Death Certificate,” “Casket Ready” and “Embalmed."
The YouTube and TV star has emerged with her first full-length album. And it's right on time.