Zebra snouts are typically blacker than those of donkeys, and their ears are shorter.
AND A CRASH OF RHINOS A LEAP OF LEOPARDS! A THUNDER OF HIPPOPOTIMI The rangers all shared information on sightings over the
Visitors to safari parks know the deal: The animals have learned that cars full of people equal delicious snacks. But as
Three zebras made a dash around the Belgian capital of Brussels for about half an hour on Friday after escaping from a ranch
Most dog owners think their pooch could be the next and cutest viral internet sensation. But I think they’ll have a hard time beating this pair.
Keeping track of and monitoring wildlife is a critical part of conservation, but do you ever wonder how exactly scientists
However, as researchers mentioned in the release, one mystery solved leads to yet another mystery: why biting flies avoid
Group mentality isn't about putting on a pretty spectacle though, it's about staying safe in the midst of cunning predators. But if you're inclined to think zebras are just a bunch of 'nervous Nancys,' well, you're half right.
While most of the press lately about horses regards their meat ending up in IKEA's meatballs, horses have also recently been discovered in other, more pleasant places.
Located along the Limpopo River, made famous by Rudyard Kipling, in the northeast corner of South Africa, Kruger is a classic
I grab my flashlight and shoot the beam towards the coals of the fire. Two dog-like mottled shapes. Four electrified eyes.
Today is the day we got to add "frightened" to that long and otherwise completely happy and excited list of emotions which describe this journey. Today we were frightened in a way I've not been frightened before.
We spot a baby hippo bobbing in the muddy water beside her mother, not any bigger than the adult behemoth's gigantic snout. These are such interesting animals.
We drove home, reliving and feeling confident in our promise to remember forever what we witnessed today. And hoping for rain.
By: Charles Choi, LiveScience Contributor Published: 02/09/2012 08:11 AM EST on LiveScience Zebra stripes may deter bloodsucking
The Internet has dubbed him "Interrupting Zebra", and once you hear his voice you'll understand why. Things seemed to be
On Monday, two workers at the Leesburg Animal Park allegedly left a gate open, allowing two zebras to escape. According to