Another State Votes for Gay Marriage. Can Legalized Inter-Species Relationships Be Far Behind?

On Tuesday, Illinois became 15th state in the Union to legalize same sex marriage. Over the past decade, since Massachusetts became the first state to enshrine marriage equality for same-sex couples, the likes of James Dobson, Rick Santorum, Bryan Fischer, Tony Perkins, Louie Gohmert and many more have prophesied with ever increasing fervor the demise of America and Western civilization.

We've repeatedly heard from this crowd that legalizing gay marriage would destroy the institution of marriage and bring about the apocalypse not only because homosexuality is sinful in its own right. Perhaps more profoundly, such state-approved licentiousness would inexorably obliterate the capacity of decent society to defend itself against further depravities -- polygamy, government-supported bestiality and other animals and "marriage between daddies and little girls," (the latter according to the active imagination of Dobson, as recounted in Max Blumenthal's Republican Gomorrah. Given Dobson's role in promoting so-called "purity balls," this is an especially revealing conjecture).

So, now that fully 30 percent of American states, including some of the largest, have affirmed legal equality for same sex couples, I have a few questions. How many states or municipalities have also legalized marriage between humans and non-humans? Where are the Congressional caucuses, major media outlets, political parties or other entities that anybody's ever actually heard of agitating for fathers to marry young daughters? Don't get me wrong. I appreciate a good fever dream as much as the next guy. But at some point, as the academics like to say, this becomes an empirical question, doesn't it? If you keep claiming that limitless horrors are an inevitable outcome of same sex marriage, doesn't there need to be at least one single solitary shred of proof that the nightmares you insist must follow from gay marriage are actually coming to pass?

At some point, surely, major political movements will emerge to demand that legalizing homosexual marriage also requires, as the estimable James Dobson has foretold, that marriage between a man and his donkey must too become the law of the land.

After all, it couldn't just be that the prophets of doom keep issuing evermore dire warnings about the impending gay-marriage induced civilizational catastrophe as part of a long running con game. It couldn't be that they are shamelessly enriching themselves by promising that they are the last line of defense against further wickedness for which there is not a trace of actual evidence.

Through the haze of their combined hucksterism and hysteria, many of these anti-marriage leaders appear to operate from an extraordinary premise. In their worldview, adult human beings are no more capable than a five year old child of making basic moral, ethical and logical distinctions. Fortunately, a growing swathe of America doesn't have that problem.