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Don't cave, no matter how they cutely they beg.
There are some do's and don'ts of taking a break from or leaving your therapist.
In a therapy meme, the running gag is your mental health. But it's more than just laughs.
"Does it actually help with pain, or does it just make them not care?"
Here’s when mental health professionals need to report what a client does or says during a therapy session.
Experts explain why you might feel like you have no energy.
There are certain situations where mental health help can be incredibly useful. Here are some of them.
Data shows attitudes are shifting around therapy and mental health in the U.K. These people can attest to why.
Because even the experts need to practice self-care.
Therapists explain what progress looks like in sessions and offer advice on how to get there.
Those in therapy shared the most important lessons they’ve learned and how it's helped their mental health.
This expert-backed advice will make the search for therapy less overwhelming.
What it's like to seek professional help when your job is to give it.
Therapists share what to do if "nothing happened" since your last session -- and why that's ultimately a good thing.
Examining how countries like France, Italy and Mexico view mental health can help us understand why people see therapists.
Here's what to expect during the initial appointment so there are no surprises.
Kate Middleton's brother has spoken candidly about how his dogs have helped him cope with depression.
These symptoms may seem trivial, but doctors say they're worth your attention.
Sex experts help explain the alluring and mysterious sleep orgasm.

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