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Feeling tired no matter how much rest you get? These behaviors you probably do every day could be to blame.
Deep squatting is more common in cultures outside the U.S. — but is it better for our bodies? Here's what experts say.
Experts weigh in on the behaviors to avoid to keep your feet and ankles healthy and functioning.
And you've probably said it multiple times today.
Pretending you've seen a movie you've never seen or scrolling your phone to appear busy are both signs of FOPO.
If you want to lower your risk of pain and injury, avoid these behaviors.
Therapists explain the signs of this particular thought pattern, and what to do if it's interfering with your life.
Plus, therapist-backed advice for people who think they have ADHD.
This common habit seems harmless, but vets say it keeps you from connecting with your pet.
This physical component of the mental health issue doesn't get enough attention. Here's why it happens and how to deal.
And you're probably doing most of them.
Even the pros struggle with down days. Here's what they do when it happens to them.
This seemingly innocent message can cause a spiral. Here's why.
When was the last time you truly unplugged?
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Experts weigh in on the consequences of slouching over a computer screen all day.
You may think that these common habits will relax you, but don't be fooled — they might add to your stress instead.
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder presents differently when you're older. Here are the red flags to look for.
A certain degree of forgetfulness is to be expected as you age, but certain factors could be red flags.
This dangerous combination of movements is throwing out people’s backs regularly.
Medical gaslighting is more common than you think. Here's how to tell if your symptoms are getting dismissed and what to do.