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"They say you never forget your first love. In my case, Diane was the only girl I ever loved."
"Accidentally put grown-up toothpaste on my toddler’s toothbrush and he screamed like I was cleaning his teeth with a Carolina Reaper dipped in Tabasco sauce."
"Won't someone please invent a nightstand the size of a dining room table for all my waters and lotions and books."
"No, I don't mean the sex organ. PENISES is an easy-to-remember method to find and negotiate a winning long-term relationship."
Adam Levine allegedly asked "the other woman" if he could name his baby after her. Apparently, there are others out there like him.
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"Being a Latina from the community allowed me to create real connections with the teachers who genuinely wanted to help the students."
Left unchecked, "emotional flooding" can wreck a relationship. Here's what therapists say couples can do about it.
First lady Jill Biden has admitted she "fexts" with President Joe Biden. Here's what therapists say you should know before doing the same.
"Kai was, for a 59-year-old man, incredibly healthy. He ate all the right things, exercised every day, saw doctors regularly. ... But cancer found him anyway."
"A group of hippopotamuses is called a bloat. I think I’ve found my people."
"The most unrealistic thing I've ever seen in a movie is when an entire family sits down to eat breakfast together on a weekday."
The expecting mom explained why she’s “hypersensitive” when people attack her about her open relationship with the comedian.