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The "Nashville" actor "never got caught," but instead said he acknowledged his actions in conversation with Bartlett before the pair tied the knot.
"It works," Daly said of he and his wife's unique sleeping arrangements.
The couple wed in 2021, seven years after meeting on the set of "The Voice."
The "Gilmore Girls" star remembered the witty card the "Friends" star included as well.
The two exchanged "I do's" in front of about 140 guests at Manhattan's Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church.
The two actors said they were splitting in tennis-themed Instagram posts Friday.
The "Sister, Sister" star announced her split from Cory Hardrict in October 2022, after 14 years of marriage.
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"'I can’t explain it,' I told my husband. 'But it’s all-consuming. I go to bed thinking about her. I wake up thinking about her.'"
"My wife said we need to 'evaluate the garage' so there goes my weekend."
When Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux met on the "Tropic Thunder" set in 2007, she "thought he was very sweet," but she also remembers "thinking he was very dark." She said, "At first you think he could be, like, a serial killer."
On her popular Instagram account, artist Lainey Molnar explores the B.S. expectations that a woman may face in her lifetime.