Zone 3

'When I look around at the middle-aged women I know ... I see something entirely different than what’s depicted in the media."
"Who has the right to access your body? To touch, probe, view images of your flesh? It is only flesh, after all. But it is also you."
As a result of the text messages, Rep. Mari Manoogian was able to get a personal protection order from Rep. Steve Marino, who she previously dated.
"Today's kids will never know how much strength you needed to get the car window down."
"Excuse me while I overthink this and get back to you."
"Secret to peaceful parenting is to never tell your child the plans for the day."
"I put my phone down for an hour and missed 67 back-to-school emails."
This week's nuptials for Polis and the first gentleman marked the first same-sex wedding of a sitting U.S. governor.
Narcissists are self-absorbed perfectionists who can make their employees lives' hell.
Despite what Nicki Minaj tweeted, there's no evidence that the shots cause impotence or other sexual health problems.
Nearly 70% of expectant women have experienced distress during COVID — and they're still not getting the support they need.
"Ever since daddy passed you’ve been telling me it’s been hard to dress nice for yourself," the singer wrote in a tribute to her mother.