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Finding your community as an older adult is possible, but it’s going to take some effort.
News of the split comes days before the couple's 12th wedding anniversary.
"My toddler loves pizza and loves bagels so I figured I'd notch an easy win and make him his first pizza bagel and holy s**t I've never been so wrong in my life."
The former supermodel said headlines about her split from the famed NFL quarterback were "very hurtful."
"My 5 year old just referred to the drink menu as a 'beer magazine' and that's what I'm calling it from now on."
Guess who's responsible for more of the daily grind?
From words of affirmation to quality time, keeping your preferences and your child's in mind can help strengthen your bond.
"I told my kids to go to bed so naturally they are performing a musical."
Experts discuss the ways to tell if a person has been drugged and what to do if you suspect it's happened.
Are you "autobiographical listening" or practicing "conversational narcissism"? The behavior is more common than you think.
"My father-in-law suggested I bite my breastfeeding baby back so I could 'teach him a lesson.'"
"You remember why you are in love, you remember why you just like each other, what’s interesting about each other," the singer told WSJ. magazine.
Complete your wedding season looks with comfortable heels starting at just $24.99.