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"There are those who can’t relax when there are dishes in the sink and those who don’t even notice dishes in the sink and they marry each other."
The two actors got married in 2019 and share a 3-year-old daughter.
"I found that the things fractured by our separation and divorce began to heal."
You can apply it to all of the other important relationships in your life as well.
"My son just informed me it’s illegal for 9 year olds to eat broccoli."
Celebrities don't play by the same rulebook as the rest of us, but there are lessons we can learn from their co-parenting missteps.
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“What I love about Keanu and our exchange is that we’re pushing each other to build new roads," visual artist Alexandra Grant told People.
The model got a do-over during her vow renewal on the couple's 10th anniversary.
The actor and singer agreed to keep their two daughters in New York while they work out the details of their split.
The “Family Reunion” actor has been open about the dissolution of her marriage to ex-husband Cory Hardrict.
“My parents have been married for 50 years, and I really wanted that to happen,” said the model and mother of two.
"need to eat a cosmic brownie rn i want to feel like i’m eating radioactive plastic"
"On my son’s birthday each year, I like to think back to 2017 when Carvel wrote 'Happy 2th Birthday' on his cake"
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“I leave them immediately as a rule. No explanation, no hair flip, just leave. Life is too short to read 35 other people’s emoji responses.”
Receiving an anti-ghosting text after a date can sting. But it beats getting ghosted.
TikTok users criticized Bridget Bahl for apparently compromising her guests’ safety in the name of aesthetically pleasing photos.
Bijou Phillips filed to end her 12-year marriage to the "That '70s Show" star less than a week after she said she would be standing by him.