Zone 3

The hosts of our “Here To Make Friends” podcast hand out superlatives from week three of “Bachelor in Paradise.”
There's a big double standard when it comes to sexting.
The pair called it quits earlier this month after being married for less than a year.
The actress is happily married to Will Smith, but their "life partnership" is far from "conventional."
It can be really, REALLY hard to quit your ex's Instagram.
These folks explain their reasons for ditching their birth names and choosing new ones.
The Holderness Family's 'N Sync rewrite captures that end-of-summer parental euphoria.
The actress has a daughter named Aviana with her husband, Darren Le Gallo.
These stories feature messages of compassion, acceptance and inclusion.
The Oscar-winning actor was seen this past weekend with singer Sela Vave.
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has come so far from his early days in the WWE.
The sweet gift depicts moments from the actor's childhood in Vancouver, Canada.
Single women can lose out on benefits that married colleagues enjoy at work.

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