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What they all have in common: confidence, a sense of freedom and air dried, damn good hair.
Eight women share what it means to accept their silver strands.
During the coronavirus pandemic or just in everyday life, how often should we cleanse our faces? Dermatologists weigh in
The white button-up sells for $125, but we found versions for under $50.
Experts hold forth on whether your self-isolation scruff could carry COVID-19.
Use these experts tips and video tutorials to trim long hair, curly hair, short hair and bangs.
Experts share DIY manicure and cleaning tips in lieu of regular salon visits during the coronavirus crisis.
The masks, gowns and other protection worn by medical professionals who deal with the highly contagious virus.
Medical experts -- and Anna Wintour -- make the case for wearing glasses to protect against COVID-19.
Twitter users referred to Zuzana Čaputová's matching outfit, face mask included, as a "corona drip."
Should we be taking off our rings and watches to wash our hands? Will sanitizer hurt jewelry? Can it spread the virus?
Women living with hair loss explain the stigmas they face, and how they overcame feelings of alienation.
If you experience hair thinning, it could be due to hormones, stress, vitamin deficiencies and other causes.
There's a problem with representation, even among the natural hair community.
Should you shampoo and clean your nails as often as you wash your hands?
Take a break from the big news stories and focus briefly on the mane news story.
In search of aesthetic ideals, women undergo painful hair rebonding to straighten their naturally wavy and curly hair.
Therapists care about how their patients perceive them. The details they consider may surprise you.
What happens when the hair color that has defined a person starts to lose its vibrancy with age?
Not all stylists are trained to do Black hair, which has created segregation in salons.
When you want to be fancy-free and footloose, these slip-ons will be there for lounging around the house.
That meeting could have been an email, but these headbands will help when you haven't washed your hair in days and have a video chat in five.
If you've got velvet fever, we've found the best velvet skirts, pants, dresses and tops that are marked down at Nordstrom's Half-Yearly Sale.
Including the fan-favorite Senreve Maestra bag in select colors.
If you're looking for the final touches to your cold weather closet, sale items at Anthropologie get an additional 50% off this weekend.
These sustainable men's coats from brands like L.L. Bean and Patagonia will keep you warm but aren't terrible for the environment.
Start off 2020 by updating your underwear drawer with some new bras, boy shorts and briefs.
We’ve rounded up the best deals on sweaters, shoes and more that you can shop below
For a limited time, flat fanatics can score 20% off full-priced shoes at Anthropologie.
We found extended sizes from brands like L.L. Bean and Levi's.
Staying warm doesn't have to mean looking like you're wearing a sleeping bag in public.
One of the hottest trends for the cold weather is corduroy.
About 30,000 people (!) joined a waitlist for them before they went on sale.
When the next cold spell hits, you'll be ready with a North Face jacket that wasn't too hard on your wallet.
It's big enough to hold a laptop, long enough to carry over the shoulder and chic enough to take pretty much anywhere. And it's nearly $100 off.
Select styles are 20% off, including the popular Spanx faux-leather leggings that were a top seller on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
Everlane lovers, it's your lucky day: the brand just added new styles to its "Choose What You Pay" sale section and lots of them are under $100.
These button-downs are specifically designed to be worn untucked and still look tailored.
Show them that you'll always put "ovaries before brovaries."

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