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From canned fruits to jarred pasta sauce, experts break down the best and worst pre-made ingredients for your health.
To figure out when to eat your midday meal, you must understand your own hunger signals, eating habits and digestion.
Potatoes, squash, broccoli, apples, citrus and more. Here's which produce is in season and how to select what's good.
Here's the scoop on whether the supplement you're adding to your smoothies and shakes is actually good for your health.
How American work culture has led to unhealthy eating patterns, and what we can do to change the focus away from dinner.
The Underground Kitchen feeds thousands each week. Here's how Micheal Sparks and Kate Houck got it started.
Not in the mood for coffee? Many foods now contain added caffeine, but health experts offer a warning.
When it comes to heart and overall health, here's how experts say we should limit red meat in our diet.
First of all, we need to stop calling it TikTok pasta.
Experts share their personal diets and how they approach nutrition with their patients to try to prevent heart disease.
Beignets, jambalaya, gumbo, crawfish bread and much more.
We’ve all heard the same old list of aphrodisiacs. But if your stomach isn’t in the mood, you won’t be either.
Sung Kim, the owner of Chick-N-Bap, shares how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected his unique business model.
"Imagine painting with watercolors, but you’re only allowed to use black and white."
In honor of National Pizza Day, Google shared its data on America's preferences.
The do's and don'ts of layering, cheese selection, tortilla chip shape and more.
We tried Tostitos, Chi-Chi's, 365 Organic, Pace, Herdez and more.
Chex mix, popcorn, pretzels, nuts — find out how to turn your snack staples into something sweet, salty and spicy.
Experts break down the alcohol content of ice cream made with liquor.
The pastry chef and chief development officer at Kaneh Co. talks about the ups and downs of working in the cannabis industry in San Diego.
Forces in the food world drive important conversations, in their own words.
From Susan Sarandon eating a clitoris to a proposal in a bear suit, Valentine’s Day brings out the romantic — and the truly insane — in many diners.
Everyone's trying the TikTok baked feta pasta – but what else can you do?
Eat your way through the Year of the Ox (at home) with recipes from celebrity chef Ken Hom.
For years, we’ve been told that dark chocolate is the superior form. It's time to stand up for good milk chocolate.
Google revealed the Big Game dishes people are craving, from chili to birria tacos.
Experts weigh in on the easiest methods, from Velveeta to roux or even just plain melted cheese.
Easy appetizers, snacks and more food ideas for your football-watching menu.
Spinach and artichoke, black bean, queso and Buffalo chicken dips benefit from the "keep warm" setting that maintains the perfect temperature for the whole game.
There really are people who don't enjoy a good cuppa. We know because we found them.
If you want something without meat, check out these plant-based menu items from places like Starbucks, Burger King, Dunkin' and Dairy Queen.
"Yes I’m too good for hot chocolate made with water."
Plus, a conversation about how long "30-minute meals" really take to cook.
When it comes to caffeine, some people love the jolt of coffee while others prefer tea's subtle buzz. Is one a healthier breakfast option than the other?
Tea bags, loose leaf tea, black tea, green tea -- prices can vary wildly, but why? Experts explain.
"Can someone fix bacon packaging this has gone on long enough."
Digital grocery shopping offers speedy checkout, delivery and even a few bargains, but only if you know how to shop right.
From chicken and waffles to grilled cheese, here are the comfort foods Americans craved.