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Sure, packaged produce is convenient. But aside from it being expensive, there are other red flags to watch for.
Get through Dry January or a dry whatever with these pre-made mocktails, spirits and aperitifs.
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Carbs and desserts reigned supreme during the pandemic. Get the recipes now.
COVID-19 has changed the industry for the foreseeable future, and maybe even forever.
Dalgona coffee, sourdough bread, frozen chicken and other foods that helped us navigate a pandemic.
Breakfast foods (because you're probably at home in the mornings now), better plant-based products and more.
Wings, spinach and artichoke dip, nachos, cheese balls and more recipes for a chill celebration at home.
Bundt cakes, gingerbread houses, layer cakes, yule logs and a whole lot of cinnamon buns to keep you feeling cozy.
Eliminate the messiest part of cooking lasagna by using oven-ready pasta.
Easy potatoes, eggs, oatmeal, French toast and casseroles to whip up quickly on Christmas morning.
Hate cleanup but want to make a festive meal? These recipes for turkey, ham, salmon, pork, chicken and lamb are for you.
COVID has been tough on Asian restaurants. This holiday season, why not adopt a Jewish tradition by eating Chinese food?
Peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies and more holiday treats you can make without an oven.
Gifts of homemade gingerbread or Christmas cookies may make your neighbors nervous. Here's what experts say is safe.
Experts discuss whether having caffeine first thing in the morning without food is actually harmful to your health.
We tried 11 nationally available eggnogs (three of them nondairy) and found a clear winner.
Data from Chowbus reveals the Asian cuisine people craved during the pandemic.
This cooking hack is the ready wrapped meal you need – and couldn't be simpler to master.
The wine bottles have been aging in space for a year so that researchers can see how space altered the sedimentation and bubbles.
Since July, the resource site for home cooks has been taking on racial and cultural injustice one recipe at a time.
"Oatnog?" "Oat nog?" However you spell it, it's still creamy, even without raw eggs.
"I signed my family up for a hotdog eating contest because I’m tired of cooking dinner."
How an unassuming bureaucrat outsmarted Jamie Oliver and pulled off an honest-to-god miracle in one of America’s unhealthiest cities.
The Cliff House first closed in March due to the pandemic. It reopened in June to offer takeout service but closed again after 10 weeks because of “unbearable losses.”
This study from Myprotein ranks the top vegan-friendly cities.
Instacart released its "New Year, New Cart" forecast of food-buying trends and attitudes.
Our guide to eggcellent gifts to give the brunch lover in your life.
Here's what sets a $450 Vitamix apart from the Ninja, Breville, Oster and Hamilton Beach blenders of the kitchen world.
If they love to spend all their time in the kitchen, these practical gifts will help get cooking.
‘Tis the season for a comforting drink! Here are nine.
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Grubhub's annual "Year in Food" report reveals which dishes became more popular during the pandemic.
How coronavirus survivors can cope with sensory loss.
You've likely starting ordering more takeout and delivery this year. Experts share their tips for making the habit more eco-friendly.
Delicious recipes to turn your leftovers into culinary magic this holiday.
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Indoors, outdoors, in a bubble -- what's the risk of contracting the coronavirus while dining out? Experts break down what's safe and what's not.
A perfect set of cookware, a genius accessory for your Instant Pot and more items that are meant for wish lists.
Is it safe to eat turkey, sides and pie all week long? Here's when you should eat your last Thanksgiving leftovers.