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Turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and mashed potatoes are even better between two slices of bread.
Use that leftover turkey and cook up a big cozy pot of comfort.
This Thanksgiving holiday, you'll actually know what you're doing with that carving knife.
If you've become a master at baking sourdough, put those skills to use for more than just making stuffing.
Google broke down which states love mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cornbread dressing and more.
The vice president-elect clearly knows her brines.
The key is doing as much in advance as you can. Here’s a guide for holiday turkey, side dishes, pie and more.
Hand-held pies in apple, pumpkin and more flavors are perfect for tiny gatherings and socially distanced celebrations.
How to make the best pie crust, time the meal perfectly and more. Our senior food editor is here to help you out.
Here's what experts have to say about the nutritional value of the holiday bird.
Waitstaff at restaurants dish on bad customer behavior regarding tips, masks and more during the coronavirus pandemic.
Roasted, scalloped, au gratin, hasselback or in the Instant Pot — give these potato recipes a place on your table.
Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and more dishes to make in your multicooker.
The safest way to celebrate amid COVID-19 is outside.
Zoom gatherings require a whole new kind of etiquette.
Experts weigh in on the nutritional values (and disadvantages) of cranberry sauce, stuffing and more.
Can’t spend the holiday meal together this year? Sending food will make things a little easier for yourself and others.
Ensure that your favorite family dishes will be part of your holiday spread by planning now.
Delicious recipes to turn your leftovers into culinary magic this holiday.
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What to look for if you're eating in a tent, igloo or other outdoor structure outside a restaurant.
Thousands of restaurants have closed while millions of Americans go hungry. It took a celebrity-chef-turned-gonzo-humanitarian to do anything about it.
Now, you can save on gifts for everyone on your holiday checklist.
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Tips and tricks from culinary experts to help you master your holiday dishes.
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These easy recipes will free up your stove over Thanksgiving and the December holidays.
If the turkey is your least favorite part of the meal, you're not alone.
Your friend who's really into baking just might knead these gifts.
The McPlant will be put into test in 2021 on a market-by-market basis.
Turns out, you won't have to wait until Black Friday to see major markdowns on Le Creuset, Cuisinart and Calphalon cookware.
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Drinks to take the edge off, whether you like whiskey, vodka, tequila or gin.
How your favorite morning beverage could be messing with your mental health.
If you cope with the pressures of COVID-19 and the election by reaching for junk food, here's how to create healthier habits.
The fast food giant hopes bringing back the cult sandwich will improve sales that have declined because of the pandemic.
Anxious farmers and grocers scramble to predict what people will want on their holiday tables during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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From how to celebrate Thanksgiving safely to how to cook a turkey to recipe recommendations, our food expert will answer your questions.
Food experts suggest ways to make the most of your menu when the coronavirus requires smaller gatherings.
The coronavirus may keep you from your family and friends, but Zoom and video conferencing can help you connect.