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It takes more than 1,500 gallons of water to make a chocolate bar!
So long, kale and avocado. Food industry analysts predict the next big produce trends.
Imagery has the power to turn a seemingly innocent depiction of fruit into the stereotyping of an entire group of people
Americans are eating less meat and more plant-based foods these days. Here's how it's affecting the environment.
What's the best way to wash a cutting board? Should you toss out sponges that've touched raw poultry? An expert answers.
Do you use the edge of the bowl or crack it flat on the countertop?
Not all meat labeled "grass fed" is from animals that have eaten grass their entire life. Here's how to tell what's real
They're butchers, business owners and innovators, and they're taking names.
We've been told our consumption of meat is destroying the environment. But the real issue is meat production.
You can make this coffee tonic in under five minutes. These coffee experts share their tips on how to do it best.
And what about meatless bacon? We compare the pros and cons.
"This tequila tastes like my ex wants me to text her."
Did your favorite snack food suddenly stop being stocked? There may be a way to get it back.
Foods like cornbread and refried beans often contain bacon fat or meat broth.
Who actually wants to eat a fungus?
Nutritionists compare plant-based burgers to beef and veggie burgers, and it doesn't look promising.
Breaking down an animal is hard work. Here's a look at what goes on before you buy your perfectly packaged block of meat
Here's why brands like Tuno are trying to make a more desirable product.
White meat isn't always healthier than red meat. Surprised? Keep reading.
Buzz-worthy beers don't have to give you a buzz 🍺
The district manager said the town of Wareham, Massachusetts, has little to no talent pool to hire from, because "most are recovering addicts, and we cannot hire them.”
The story of a former meal-delivery kit skeptic.
Heirlooms, canned San Marzanos and cherry tomatoes all serve different purposes. So which should you use and when?
HuffPost Food & Drink’s series Consumed shines a light on Americans’ obsession with food, one topic at a time. August's theme is produce.
A little bit of science goes a long way when it comes to grilling delicious meat.
The Momofuku chef and restaurateur says this outdated section shows a "misunderstood and unintentional bias."
Do you season your beef before you form patties? Don't! Read on for more tips.
Here's why your body mists sweat from every crevice when you eat copious amounts of protein.
Aaron Franklin and other meat masters can help turn your backyard into a killer party spot.
HuffPost Food & Drink’s series Consumed shines a light on Americans’ obsession with food, one topic at a time. July's theme is meat.
Raw chicken, beef and pork carry foodborne illnesses that can make you sick. Here's what you can do prevent contamination at home.
Tommy Martin of North Carolina claims he now suffers from cibophobia, a fear of food.
The frozen treat is a favorite among Americans, including former Vice President Joe Biden.
Kimchi grilled cheese? Ravioli with peas and prosciutto? Yes, please.
Avocados and tequila may come as no surprise, but Oreos? Hold on a second!
Consider adding these flavorful cuts to your next recipe, from trotters to ham hocks.
“The thing about beignets is, they’re basically doughnuts. ... What makes it New Orleans is the way New Orleans people obsess over it."
The popularity of Texas-style barbecue has white-washed a cuisine that was rooted in Native American and African heritage. These black pitmasters are trying to keep history intact.

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