Abandoned Homes

A sprawling installation in New York imagines a second life for houses that were once full of people.
It's a spine-tingling thing to see things that were once coveted fall into decay. That sentiment guided my interest in researching the glamorous beach resorts of times past, places that were once in history the apex of life for those fortunate enough to visit them, but ended up abandoned, seaside ghost towns left to crumble, left unloved.
The EPA refers to it as the most toxic place in America, but it's better known as Picher, Oklahoma. The apocalyptic theatrical landscape serves as a rather cryptic backdrop to this once thriving American city, a constant reminder of what happens when mankind doesn't respect nature and the environment.
An office left just as it was the day the boss stepped out in 2005. Right next to the week's "Bingo Numbers", with Saturday's
The financial crisis left scores of abandoned development projects and showed the consequences of "speculative urbanization."
A large part of that energy, as I found out, is because the movement is mostly improvised, which in turn is a large part
Credit: Flickr/sciondriver Credit: Justin Tereveen Dallas, TX Underground rail and freight tunnels Back in the roaring '20s
But, something didn't feel right. A heavy foreboding hung in the warm air. *This post was originally published on A Great
7. Griffith Park Zoo Los Angeles Opened in 1912 and closed in 1966 with the opening of the Los Angeles Zoo, the abandoned
If you've seen any zombie movies, you know how haunting an abandoned, once-thriving city can be. But despite the ruin and overgrowth, there's also a flicker of beauty that shines through the silent emptiness.
Photo by Ryan Fudger / Red Bull Content Pool. Though it probably isn’t a solution that will satisfy Pontiac residents who
Cloisters "Pillars line the cloisters along the edge of the central courtyard at a historic trading house in Belgium." Belgium