Necessary technology and care for people living with disabilities has become much more difficult to come by in the last two years.
People with disabilities reported improved voting experiences in 2020. But a wave of new restrictions could reverse hard-won progress.
Here are some basic steps you can take to help keep disabled neighbors and loved ones safe as the country opens back up, beyond getting your COVID-19 vaccination.
President Donald Trump has continuously touted his plan to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act. He has yet to put forth any legitimate legislation to take its place, despite his repeated attacks to repeal “Obamacare.”
“Implying that somehow our lives are less than. That we don't count. That it's okay. And it's not. This was all preventable.” As the coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage the U.S., the disability community has been hit especially hard.
Their push for inclusivity has transformed workplaces in America and today, people with and without disabilities benefit.
"Society prefers I talk about how I overcame my obstacles rather than the injustices I face within a world that is not built around the needs of the disabled community."
"My work of challenging my students' internalized ableism has allowed me to gradually accept my own disability."
From minor glitches to crashing completely, state government websites have long struggled to keep up with the rest of the internet.
As a work-from-home mom, I didn’t expect to feel like I have more opportunities during the coronavirus crisis, but I do.