Addiction and Recovery

The "Heroes" star said a member of her team encouraged her to take "happy pills" at just 15 years old.
"I started sending money home instead of visiting and avoided her phone calls; when I said 'I love you' it felt like a lie."
Prescription overdoses kill more people than heroin & cocaine. Do we need to more closely scrutinize doctors & prescribing practices? When does the government step in?
"How could something so good possibly be bad?"
After a record year of overdoses in 2020, the two new supervised injection sites aim to offer a safer alternative for drug users.
Many people's alcohol habits exist in a fuzzy space between two extremes. So when is it a problem?
"I was excelling at work, widely respected by my peers, I had won several prestigious awards and I looked gym-fit. Why would anyone think I had a problem?"
"While I don’t have all the answers, there are a couple of things I know for sure."
“I’m not willing to risk my sobriety, because I don’t know what might awaken that monster that kept me from my kids.”
The actor opened up about her personal struggles with drugs and alcohol on the latest episode of "Red Table Talk."