Addiction and Recovery

My life could've been different if I had the resources to understand my experience.
The character debuted in May, but the show just announced it would explore her backstory and how kids can deal with parental addiction.
“Sesame Street” is tackling the opioid crisis in a way kids can understand through a new muppet, Karli.
The metal band is postponing eight shows in Australia and New Zealand as its frontman recovers from his battle with addiction.
Undermining Medicaid would gut substance abuse programs and leave clinics struggling for funds.
Asian Americans are less likely to get help for drug addiction than other communities, statistics show. Advocates are calling it an invisible crisis.
The shelter would provide 200 beds for unhoused residents in the California city, where homelessness has surged in recent years.
Demi Lovato has come a long way on her road to recovery and self-love.
By Jon-Patrick Allem Electronic cigarette use, or vaping, is unsafe for children, adolescents and young adults. Electronic
The mandate can save lives. It also has driven up the price and sales of the overdose reversal drug.
The presidential candidate revealed that her father's battle against alcohol addiction influenced her new plan to combat substance abuse.
“You wear a different mask when you’re out here,” the talk show host said.
To cope with the stress of both of my kids being diagnosed with learning differences, I drank my “prescribed” glasses of wine after they went to sleep.
This lesser known case against Purdue Pharma in Oklahoma is set to be the first of the 330 state and federal lawsuits on opioids to go to trial.
To combat America’s addiction crisis, we must come out of the shadows.
Americans are more likely to accidentally overdose than die in a motor vehicle accident or a fall, according to a new report.
Without the health care law, the opioid crisis could have been worse, experts say.
Experts share how to know if you're developing a dependency on the pills.
For Jessica Grogan, attending AA meetings with her husband helped her recognize her own substance use issues.