"As I was taken from my birth mother’s arms and placed at a nearby train station, I became a statistic ― another baby uprooted by the country’s one-child policy."
There are some key differences between the experiences of adopted and donor-conceived kids, but one thing remains the same: They should know about their origins.
Some adoptive, surrogate and queer parents are able to nurse their babies by inducing lactation.
A 40-year-old law enacted to keep Indigenous families together is in danger of being overturned, resurfacing America's ugly legacy of separation.
Today’s open adoptions differ from the primarily closed adoptions of previous generations, and they entail unique challenges and opportunities for birth and adoptive parents.
"My mom called me and I heard a strange, nervous excitement in her voice. 'I’m not sure how to say this,' she said. 'Your dad has been keeping something from you.'"
Fearful that their marriage rights could be next to fall, queer parents are taking action to secure legal custody of their children.
“‘Would you rather have been aborted?’ This is the question some people ask me.”
Benjamin Hulleberg wrote letters, joined an adoption registry and took a DNA test to find the woman he knew only as Holly. She'd been nearby all along.