"My mom called me and I heard a strange, nervous excitement in her voice. 'I’m not sure how to say this,' she said. 'Your dad has been keeping something from you.'"
Fearful that their marriage rights could be next to fall, queer parents are taking action to secure legal custody of their children.
“‘Would you rather have been aborted?’ This is the question some people ask me.”
Benjamin Hulleberg wrote letters, joined an adoption registry and took a DNA test to find the woman he knew only as Holly. She'd been nearby all along.
"To everyone else, we looked like the perfect family. No one outside our home knew what we knew."
“I have to think about what they’re going to experience leaving the home,” the "Unforgivable” star said.
“As a child, I assumed my Koreanness just fell away like a snake shedding its skin. I thought, 'That must be what happens when you’re adopted.'”
"Our society has grown accustomed to seeing white parents with Black kids. But Black parents with white kids? Not so much."
"When our adoptive parents do not properly prepare us for a racialized world, we are left playing a game of catch-up."
The quarterback opened up to Ebony about being adopted by “well-intentioned white parents” and the impact it’s had on his life.