After the Wedding

To create timeless memories, stay in a restored barn on an olive farm, wander the streets of Florence and take in world-famous art. Then, go wine tasting in Chianti, the origin of Chianti wine.
It is such a lovely phase of relationship; a phase we'd all like to capture in a bottle and return to frequently, right? However, for many of us, we drift away from this level of bliss and rapture, never to return. But, that doesn't have to be your destiny.
When it comes to marriage, we all have our own preconceived notions about what life will look like as a twosome that, well, quite frankly aren't true.
People often have a romanticized notion of what the wedding night is like. Newsflash: It isn't all rose petals, orgasms and
By Elizabeth Mitchell for Brides Encountered an unexpected visitor: "Let's just say my aunt walked in on us! She thought
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The day after the wedding is full of almost as many emotions as the Big Day itself -- happiness, relief, exhaustion and even
"Similar to a tumultuous breakup, when your wedding planning is over, even if it wasn't a great experience for you, it still
4. Have proper expectations. Know that going through a let down is a possibility. When you are prepared for something, if
With the hefty cost of wedding flowers, food, décor, and a gown, more couples are opting to extend the life of their investment
I'm not married yet -- that's just a few short months down the line -- but I've already made up my mind.
Forget a low-key holiday at the beach, why not try wife-carrying or competitive air guitar on your honeymoon?
I would say the grand majority of the marriages I see on any given day are strong and the two people are committed both to each other and to their children.
You can't eat, you can't sleep, you're super depressed and nothing can even come close to making you happy. No, you didn't just lose the love of your life -- you married him!
Reddit user bmarielo asked the Reddit community that very question on Tuesday, and commenters responded with some truly unique
You would love to continue basking in the afterglow of your wedding day (who wouldn't?), but reality is setting in: you now have a new extended family to consider, and that includes a mother-in-law.
Amidst the promises of a lifetime of togetherness and joyful wedding preparations, now is the time to also think about the true value of a prenuptial agreement
It's easy to get carried away in the romance and the idea that a single ceremony represents the entirety of a relationship.
My husband and I are the worst. We were married on October 6, and we still haven't done one important thing.