Agyness Deyn

Ribisi paid $1,405,000 for the two-bedroom, 2.5 bathroom, 3,886 square-foot residence, which Mizuno has been trying to sell
Our only reactions are: UPDATE: Giovanni Ribisi was photographed wearing a wedding ring to the "TED" premiere on Thursday
PHOTOS: See just a few of Agy's past Dr. Martens' spots below and read more at The Agyness Deyn for Dr. Martens
"The brand is a great fit for me, as it stands for strong character and being able to shape your own personal identity," Deyn
It's not like no one ever speculated that the blonde-haired beauty was older than the 23 years she claimed to be. Friends
Agyness Deyn is what we like to call a triple threat in the fashion business. The androgynous beauty is a model, actress
The crown jewel in this group was British model Agyness Deyn whose fresh faced beauty juxtaposed with sophisticated carriage was key to the project.