Women don't give themselves permission to fall apart and we certainly don't want to be seen as not having our shit together. That's become taboo in a culture that, for women especially, demands the lie of seamlessness, of perfection, of freedom from blemishes and funky lighting and embarrassing angles.
She likes her freckles, counting them and eagerly searching for more with me at the end of one of those long summer days. When she does this, I can't help but think of all of the time and agony I could have saved if only I counted the freckles instead of trying to scrub them away.
If you've just about had it with the ways skin is often depicted, allow Dutch artist Juuke Schoorl to give you a taste of
It's important to teach kids about the reality behind the images that surround them. Empowering kids to see behind the photo spreads and the advertisements can help combat the negative effects of these images.
The notion that cosmetic surgery is a "simple beauty treatment" is a contradiction in terms, a paradox of sorts. Surgery is almost never simple, physically or psychologically, and the more we believe it's a solution to our beauty needs, the less beautiful we tend to feel.
I'm not going to say that social media was our demise (I myself enjoy Facebook too much to make such a brazen statement), but I do think that with the rise of these sites came the sudden commanding impulse to look awesome in photos. After all, we want our 500-plus friends to think we're beautiful.
The body image, air-brushing, magazine-coverage stuff is inevitably hypocritical, boring and small. It's on a loop and it's going nowhere. Reading the mainstream "women's press," you'd think the biggest problem facing us today was the fact that "real" women appear airbrushed in glossies.
Should we not instead be looking to and encouraging parents, teachers, community leaders, clubs and curriculums to stand in the gap and provide the positive role models that the media has failed to produce?
One sunny August afternoon, my younger son and I walked to the post office and mailed out 200 bar mitzvah invitations. We had spent that morning sitting in the dining room, licking envelopes and placing royal blue and red stamps that resembled the Giants logo onto the upper right corners of heavy, cream-colored envelopes.
Exfoliating facials, airbrush makeup, false lashes and more tips for your big day!
Check out the photo. Think something's amiss? PHOTO: We love curling up at the end of the day in a cozy nightgown or slinky
We're smart enough to know that models aren't perfect, but the advent of Photoshop has encouraged unrealistic portraits in
It's refreshing to see some things that are so important that we all agree on them: loving our bodies, minds, and selves, and encouraging our sisters and daughters and cousins to love themselves.
"I have a problem with the cover. She looks so young! It's like we're showing favoritism." It was at this point, dear reader, that the whistle was deployed.
This one isn't as bad, we think, but there's still something fishy going on with that right knee. What better way to liven
See more errors in airbrushing... What better way to liven up your rainy Friday than with a humorous Photoshop fail? This