Alexa Chung

"End these racist, inhumane and unconscionable abuses now!"
Her interview was so real it was briefly removed from the internet.
DB: A woman that is walking fast in a busy place among thousands of people yet stands out. DB: Hard working with a good sense
Growing up in London was such an extraordinary experience, and one I am forever grateful for. The city is a hub of culture
Girl sure does love her liquid eyeliner!
The shag hairstyle became popular in the 1970s thanks to rockers and actresses including Joan Jett, Mick Jagger, Jane Fonda
The idea of denim in Spring is not a trend, it's a staple. Every March, like the coming of warmer weather is certainly around the corner, so too is the arrival of denim in our wardrobes an undoubted fixture. What changes or trends every year is the way denim is cut, styled or accented.
2. She steals beauty products from hotel bathrooms. "I like to steal the tiny bottles of whatever's up at the hotels. Aesop