Alexa Chung

"End these racist, inhumane and unconscionable abuses now!"
Her interview was so real it was briefly removed from the internet.
DB: Sounds cliché but I dress in the most comfortable of my clothes, have a great music playlist going, light a scented candle
What have the highlights and challenges been during your tenure at Eyeko? We just launched Eyeko Bespoke, the worlds first
Girl sure does love her liquid eyeliner!
We assumed the cut had seen its final days along with David Cassidy fan posters, but it appears this hairstyle is staging
The idea of denim in Spring is not a trend, it's a staple. Every March, like the coming of warmer weather is certainly around the corner, so too is the arrival of denim in our wardrobes an undoubted fixture. What changes or trends every year is the way denim is cut, styled or accented.
We totally co-sign Chung's fragrance layering technique that involves mixing in subtle scents with moisturizers. However
Vogue UK reports that the kale-infused nail line, plus four of the brand's top sellers, "have been enhanced with the same
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Once I took a step back from the mirror and saw how it all came together, I was speechless. My 1960s-inspired eye makeup
HuffPost Style Associate Fashion Editor Michelle Persad joins Caitlyn Becker to discuss this week's best dressed celebs.
Caitlyn Becker and Michelle Persad join Abby to take a look at the weeks worst dressed celebrities.