Alzheimer's Disease

Brain health specialists share the habits to avoid to best care for your mind.
It is unknown when Barker was diagnosed, but a death certificate suggests he had the disease for years, according to TMZ.
Help prevent cognitive issues like dementia by incorporating these manageable lifestyle changes into your daily routine.
Experts say the medicine is an exciting development for treating memory loss — but it does come with risks.
Neurologists reveal the biggest early symptom of the disease and what you can do about it.
The "Thor" actor described meeting Elsa Pataky, made to look like an 87-year-old woman, as a comforting experience: "You're still beautiful," he told her.
The drug, Leqembi, is the first that’s been convincingly shown to slow the decline in memory and thinking that defines Alzheimer’s.
"I don’t talk much about this ... Nobody knows what to say in response to my stories. Friends tell me I’m strong, that I’m handling it well. I am not."
The drug delayed patients’ worsening by about five months over the course of the study, Japanese drugmaker Eisai’s Dr. Michael Irizarry said.
Over the years scientists have given us a million reasons to snooze. Lack of sleep has been linked to depression, anxiety, weight gain, and most recently --Alzheimers.