American Apparel

Here's how to embrace what one brand has dubbed "leisurée."
Its so-called "Sweatshop free" clothes are now largely made in Honduras.
What’s wrong? This two-word question can summarily improve a brand. Think about it: the inquiry shows an interest in how
While Dov Charney brought a strong vision and a commendable mission to the apparel industry, he also became a distraction that drew attention from the core product and inhibited the leadership's ability to keep up with market trends.
All 110 stores, as well as the company's Los Angeles headquarters, are slated to close by the end of April.
The retailer is offering quirky rainbow duds just in time for Pride.
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If you think you're about to hear anything critical of the two old pros James Earl Jones and Cicely Tyson in director Leonard Foglia's revival of D. L. Coburn's 1977 comedy, The Gin Game, at the Golden Theatre, you better think again.
"Unseamly," a thinly veiled play about an apparel company CEO's sexual harassment charges, is disturbing and confusing.
"You know, I think there’s a greater likelihood that I’ll be the first American astronaut stranded on Mars before [Charney] wins this lawsuit."
Relative to everything else in the company's history, bankruptcy seems almost tame.