Regional Foods

The ice cream incorporates Taylor ham, a state specialty, and French toast flavors.
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So there I was, attending a hockey game recently at the Verizon Centre in Washington, D.C., on a rare trip to the nation's capitol. Of course I wanted a hot dog and a beer between periods... and that's when I first saw the "half-smoke," sizzling on a griddle at one of the rink's concession stands.
Buckle up your giant barrel of frying oil, folks, because we're going on a tour of America's lesser-known food territories.
In this rich tapestry of a nation, people can call sub sandwiches whatever they want.
Over decades of international gift-giving I've gathered a few pointers which might put more ho than humbug into your holidays if internationals are on your list. My motto is, "Be generous, but appropriate." Here's how...
One thing you'll never hear them gripe about is the food.
Regional differences permeate many aspects of American life, from speech patterns to sports loyalties to smoking rates. This
Just like the United States Constitution, a burger means different things to different people depending on which state you're in.
By all means, try pasta when you are Italy, steak in Argentina, and sushi in Japan, but after you finish, dig a little deeper and try some of these regional specialties that don't have much world-wide fame.