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I'm simply saying that one great place is better than a similarly great place. I'm about to really get blasphemous here. World
Many consider Fiesta to be the prettiest Six Flags park, and that is something I absolutely agree with. When you take into
Some 50-60 years ago, marine-mammal amusement parks first began displaying cetaceans - namely killer whales and their smaller dolphin cousins. Many of these parks started in the United States and North America. Basically, we westerners began the plague, the hunt for dolphins.
-Taylor Cedar Point has always been considered one of the best amusement parks in the world, and also brought in a new coaster
One of the most anticipated times of year for coaster enthusiasts young and old comes at the tail end of summer, when amusement
Whether you enjoy thrilling rides or relaxing pool side, these waterparks have something for everyone.
Crush's Coaster -- This one was by far one of my very favorites. You see its hard to choose but I am trying. I was so amazed
These slides are located all over America; however, the most terrifying are in Oregon, Florida and Indiana, just to name
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Before and After Pictures I was so pumped!! I went during the week, so there was barely a line. I'm not going to lie, I was
You'll forgive the sand in your shoes once you discover that the angle from the Polynesian's resort beach is a dead-on view
Let's be honest, Disney World is pretty insane. Where else is it socially acceptable -- encouraged, even -- for a fully grown adult to wear animal ears and eat their weight in junk food shaped like a cartoon character? But, even with supreme excellence comes room for improvement.
4. Gulp down a Dole Whip in the Enchanted Tiki Room Everyone forgets the Tiki Room -- the little old-school jewel adjacent
When I was spending my high school years in New Jersey, all I could dream about was getting out and exploring the world. Now that I'm middle aged with two young kids growing up in Europe, New Jersey doesn't look so bad... at least when it comes to thrill rides.
Have you ever noticed, while waiting in line for an attraction, peoples' public personas or how we perceive them because of their looks, are totally squashed as they sit onboard a roller coaster waiting to be scared to the point of pure exhilaration.
More: The Most Underrated Tourist Attraction in All 50 States Credit: Flickr/Andy Castro By: Alex Bracetti 4. The Matterhorn
Outlandish loops, tummy-turning drops and wicked-fast speeds; these are just a few of the thrilling features that characterize some of the world's most terrifying roller coasters.
Featuring the conveniences and necessities that children demand and parents appreciate, the country's 10 best family-friendly amusement parks deliver a treasured day of thrills and laughs for kids and their keepers.
Six Flags have pretty much dominated the hearts, minds, and queasy stomachs of Americans since their inception back in 1962. So, in the interest of giving the spotlight to a bunch of other places (that also aren't Disneyland), we rounded up a list of some of the other best amusement parks this country has to offer.
Don't worry about keeping your "cool" on a roller coaster -- scream as much as you want.