Amusement Parks

People waited up to five hours to ride the new coaster in Toy Story Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios.
An "abnormality" halted the coaster at the worst possible time.
See Disney's most famous coaster in a whole new light.
Sixty-seven miles per hour on the longest floorless steel roller coaster in the world.
I'm simply saying that one great place is better than a similarly great place. I'm about to really get blasphemous here. World
Many consider Fiesta to be the prettiest Six Flags park, and that is something I absolutely agree with. When you take into
The new land is set to be called "Ocean Explorer," with the main attraction being Submarine Quest. Not only is this ride
Some 50-60 years ago, marine-mammal amusement parks first began displaying cetaceans - namely killer whales and their smaller dolphin cousins. Many of these parks started in the United States and North America. Basically, we westerners began the plague, the hunt for dolphins.
I've experienced this coaster twice. Both times I rode in the front row, which is known for not giving as bad of a ride, as
-Taylor Cedar Point has always been considered one of the best amusement parks in the world, and also brought in a new coaster
One of the most anticipated times of year for coaster enthusiasts young and old comes at the tail end of summer, when amusement
A simple roller coaster moment? No, it was much more than that. It gave him power. It gave him courage. It gave him confidence.
By now, the park has opened up, but by no means is the tour over! Next you'll get walked onto the parks inverted coaster