Researchers at University of Wisconsin-Madison said cricket powder decreased overall body inflammation in new research.
While preliminary, a new study suggests targeting gut bacteria may hold promise.
Even crazier is that our second brain is actually only half of us. Inside the digestive system, the enteric nervous system
Switching to a healthier diet won't get you too far unless you have the right gut bacteria.
It could be upping your risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease.
We must view all of these findings through the lens of understanding the greater picture of the overall microbiota health.
Targeting the gut could create a new class of psychiatric treatments.
After we turn 50, we all start to worry about cardiovascular disease and what to do about it. We might also fret about dementia and whether we will get Alzheimer's -- and arthritis is an ailment we prefer to do without. T
Most of our gut bacteria belong to 30 or 40 species, but there can be up to 1,000 different species in all. Collectively
Labral Tear A labral tear is a common cause for clicking sensations in the hip joint. The labrum refers to the ring of cartilage
Those following a vegan diet had the highest levels of short chain fatty acids (SCFA), or beneficial gut bacteria metabolites
3. Poor digestive health: Every nutrient in the body must pass through the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, poor digestive
A great way to increase anti-inflammatory foods in your diet is to focus more on raw foods. A raw food diet is arguably the
I think it's safe to say that we can all get a sense of what Hippocrates meant when he stated that 'All disease begins in the gut.' At some point in time we have all felt the disease of indigestion, gas, bloating, acid reflux, constipation, or diarrhea, whether mild or intense.
Both contain emulsifiers, which are added to improve texture and extend shelf life.