Ashley Graham

A small handful of designers are embracing a concept that most designers are turning their backs on.
The supermodel, who announced her pregnancy last month, rocked the red carpet at the annual Bazaar Icons party on Friday.
The model announced last week that she is expecting her first child.
The supermodel announced the big news on her ninth wedding anniversary.
Jennifer Lopez took home the Fashion Icon award, while Ashley Graham and more stars brought their A-games to the red carpet.
The Swimsuits For All campaign is called "Growing Up Graham."
People on Twitter dragged the model for the insensitive request on the Oscars red carpet.
Up-and-coming South Korean model Taylor Tak just might be an Ashley Graham in the making.
On "Fearless," the Olympic freeskier chats with a fan who sees him as a role model on and off the slopes.
The model recounts the strange but true story of the reality star's gutsy move on "The Tonight Show."
On "Fearless," the OITNB star told 25-year-old Rickey, "Everyone should be able to actualize themselves."
The model was asked about Kendall Jenner on "Watch What Happens Live" and got feistily frank.
"I really apologize if I offended anyone," she said on Ashley Graham's podcast.
The super model does *not* have time for body-shaming haters ✌️
For me and many others, “body positivity” has set up another impossible ideal: the “perfectly curvy” woman.
The Swimsuits For All campaign is called "Power of Paparazzi."
“If I knew what I knew now, I would’ve smacked that guy.”
She’s showing off a whole new look.