Ashley Graham

“Mommy shamers are just mean girls who grew up to be mothers.”
"I can’t believe this happened," Graham remembered saying when she developed stretch marks during pregnancy.
"There’s always a question of, 'What do you want us to retouch, and what do you want us to take out?' And I said, 'Nothing,'" Graham told People magazine.
Graham hinted at who the model might be during an interview with Naomi Campbell.
The famous besties have a grand time playing a game of Never Have I Ever on "The OG Chronicles" with Ashley Graham.
The model and body positivity icon recently posted the stunning shot after giving birth to a son in January.
Graham is giving birth soon, but that’s not the only exciting announcement she's is bringing us this January.
The "Vogue" cover girl is due to give birth to a son next month.
"A VOGUE COVER!!! — celebrating inclusivity, mothers, pregnancy and love —  is so surreal," Graham wrote on Instagram Friday.
A small handful of designers are embracing a concept that most designers are turning their backs on.