Douglas John Kantor, 25, died from his injures following the Saturday shooting that left more than a dozen injured.
Officers are still searching for another suspect in the mass shooting case.
Two people were critically injured after gunfire erupted along 6th street in the Texas city's entertainment district.
The Austin Police Department said an electric boat rented by four people got stuck on the dam without enough power to get free.
The reunion between Glenda Valdez and 9-year-old Emely only because Glenda saw a photo of her daughter in a story on young people crossing the Mexican border.alone.
Police are looking for a gunman after three people were shot dead near a shopping plaza in Austin, Texas.
The suspect, former Travis County Sheriff's Office Detective Stephen Broderick, was apprehended after an overnight search.
The city's mayor hails ruling protecting citizens' health after Gov. Greg Abbott dropped almost all COVID-19 safety precautions weeks ago.
A new assessment nearly doubles the initial death toll.
Texas will also do away with limits on the number of diners that businesses can serve indoors.