Zacharia Doar, 23, was heading home from a protest in Austin, Texas, when he was attacked.
A Muslim civil rights group is calling for Bert James Baker to face hate crime charges in the stabbing of 23-year-old Zacharia Doar in Austin.
The shooting happened near a shopping area known as The Arboretum, where multiple police vehicles were at the scene on the city's north side.
Five-fingered intruders also have been seen walking the hallways of McCallum High School in Austin.
No one was injured after two planes were cleared to use the same runway on Saturday morning.
Dr. Mark Escott is working with state police to determine whether any of the 21 people killed in the Uvalde school shooting could have been saved had medical help arrived sooner.
The native Texan called Cruz out by adding his name to the lyrics of "High Horse" — and describing him as a buzzkill who can't stop opening his mouth.
"He’s a New York punk," hinted Streep. "He’s absolutely mean, this fast-talking street smart guy and we were blown away...He’s Italian."
Airport officials in Austin, Texas, say an early morning power outage is causing flight delays even as electricity has been restored.
In states such as Texas, Ohio and Indiana, some college students say new abortion restrictions are influencing their personal and political behavior as they return to campuses.