"I want to touch and be touched by such a man. I think that you are my only chance at that."
Autism advocates gave HuffPost their take on a resurfaced Disney clip from 2015 that upset many TikTok users.
"I was 20 when I began to experience the rapid blinking, head tilting and flinching."
Full Segment:Though the Government knows vaccines don’t cause autism, it pays misinformed families who threaten to sue. How should we respond to fears that are popular, but false?
The pair stars as brother and sister on Amazon's new emotion-filled dramedy "As We See It," which centers the lives of young adults on the autism spectrum.
Noise-canceling headphones, seam-free clothing, engaging activities and more gift ideas for children who may experience sensory under- or overload.
"We need to do better for the next generation of girls."
"Being autistic is central to who I am," the "Prison Break" actor wrote, adding that his diagnosis "isn't something I'd change."
"We began to venture into the wilderness regularly, opting out of the Zooms and classwork entirely."
"While schools may be slow to find a place for families like mine, sometimes a good-natured big brother can make a difference."