A crash along the Baltimore beltway left six construction workers dead after a driver lost control of her vehicle Wednesday.
Pittsburgh and Baltimore wanted to play extra so they went at it sandlot style — no umps!
Federal authorities say neo-Nazis Sarah Beth Clendaniel and Brandon Clint Russell planned to destroy the Baltimore power grid.
Baltimore's new top prosecutor has dropped all charges against a Black man who stood trial four times for the same killing, freeing him after seven years in custody.
Syed has served more than 20 years in prison for the 1999 death of his girlfriend. The murder case was examined in the popular podcast “Serial.”
They did not assert Syed's innocence, but said "the state no longer has confidence in the integrity of the conviction."
A Baltimore news outlet described "drug dealers" making a $50,000-a-week shakedown threat, though details are unclear.
The mascot had to be carted off the field for an injury he suffered during an exhibition football game against a youth team.
Ivan Bates won the Democratic primary, ousting a divisive prosecutor in a city that has been marked by high crime rates and police corruption.
Steven Umberto Angelini, a 16-year veteran of the force, gave a man oxycodone and a gun in exchange for cocaine and cash, according to an affidavit.