Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein defends his handling of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, calling James Comey a “partisan pundit.”
Mary Bubala asked last week if it was time for "a different kind of leadership" after the city had three female African American mayors in a row.
She had been on indefinite leave amid an investigation into money she reportedly made by getting companies with business ties to the city to buy her books.
The shooting happened during several Sunday events on a Baltimore street. At least 7 others were injured.
FBI and IRS agents have raided Catherine E. Pugh’s offices and home amid a corruption scandal involving the sales of her children’s book “Healthy Holly.”
Federal agents raided Pugh's home Thursday, investigating a corruption scandal involving questionable sales of her books to major businesses with ties to the city.
Mayor Catherine Pugh has been on indefinite leave as a corruption probe examines sales of her children's books to companies doing business with the city.
Mayor Catherine Pugh said she intends to return to work after a leave of absence.
Mayor Catherine Pugh made more than $500,000 pushing her "Healthy Holly" books on government partners.
More than two decades after her twin sister was slain, Jenny Carrieri is still searching for justice.
Steele canceled his plan to participate in a "Disinformation and Democracy" panel at a Baltimore conference, according to Politico.
Robinson is still the only player to win MVP in both leagues.
“He wanted to see more done in the community for himself and other kids like him," said DaVonte Friedman's older brother, Tyrone.
The 52-year-old Baltimore woman was killed after helping another woman carrying a "Please Help me feed my Baby" sign.
City officials say the Trump administration's "unconstitutional" immigration policy is deterring residents from accessing food stamps, Medicaid and other benefits.
The child was rushed to a hospital after being caught in a shootout, police said.
"My heart goes out to all those that I ruined their night, to everybody that was affected by my stupidity,” he said.
"I seriously was thinking he was gonna start shooting," one witness said of the incident in Baltimore.
“There was stuff falling everywhere, you could see the walls were caving in,” one employee said.
Lt. Gene Ryan said the "SNL" skit "fell short of being humorous." Many people on Twitter disagree.