Bangs Hairstyles

We asked Sandra Oh's and Natasha Lyonne's hairstylists to share their top tips for rocking this trendy style.
Maybe these tweets can help you answer the eternal question: Should I get bangs?
Photo by Meagher/Getty Images. The Biggest Trends in this Fall's Fashion Gigi Hadid Is REALLY Well Connected Mica Arganaraz
So you made the cut. You saw a photo of Alexa Chung, were inspired by Zooey Deschanel, and finally went to the salon to get
Had I just uncovered a conspiracy? Were all moms in the 50s and 60s trying to make their daughters look like tiny replicas of Mamie Eisenhower?
I like bangs. Long, but not too long. And fringy. You know, like that actress. You know... her. But only in that one movie, not the other one.
Is there someone in your life whose forehead has been affected? Every year, thousands of people decide it would be "really
To fuss less with your bangs throughout the day, get them wet first. Bangs always seem like a great idea... until we actually
There are a lot of important, life-changing choices that married people have to make. Where should we live, when should we