Bedroom Ideas

Choose cozy textiles. Your bedroom should be warm, intimate space, so go for plush and inviting bedding and accents, like
Need some tips on decorating your kid's room? Well look no further! I gathered some of my favorite ways to transform a room
Let's be honest, what man hasn't dreamt of having their own area to play pool, have friends over, and generally have a good time? This "man cave" is probably closer to many than it has ever been before because the idea is actually becoming a "thing".
Think the position of your bed, colors in your bedroom or where you hang mirrors have no effect on how well you sleep? Consider
Also on HuffPost: 6. Add Intimate Lighting As noted above, two bedside lamps are key. Depending on the size of your room
Calming colors Besides counting sheep, what can one do to usher in a good night's sleep? The answer could be as simple as
Crane & Canopy Yellow Herringbone Sheet Set These long staple cotton sheets in an upbeat shade are available in sets with
We've put together nine of the best ways you can enhance your space for sleep according to leading sleep hygiene experts and recent studies. Read on to learn what environmental changes can have the biggest impact on rest.
All 10 of these tiny homes prove that space is relative. Your home is only as tiny as you let it feel. So, apply these space-saving tips and storage tricks when you can. Because you deserve to have a bigger home without actually paying for one.
Leave a bit of space on each side of your bed It's a bit counterintuitive, but putting your bed flush against a wall will
The first step in any design (including online interior design) process is to define the style you want to achieve. Create a Pinterest or Houzz board of rooms or looks you love, and make quick notes about what you like.
Nearly two-thirds of boomers plan to stay in their homes after their baby chick flies off to Wilderness University. Whether you're feeling bummed or jumping up for joy, take comfort in knowing that you have an extra room in your home to do WHATEVER YOU WANT!
(photo: Simon Upton) Tour Sarah Jessica Parker's Epic East Village Townhouse At Jane Fonda's Forked Lightning Ranch in New
By middle age, there are certain things your bedroom should have in it. And no, the government is not one of them.
Skip heading to the store to buy a headboard and DIY your own for a fun, personalized project. From wood pallets and shutters to fabric and pegboards, customize your bedroom by creating a headboard that boasts both style and comfort.
Are you stuck in the same old, same old routine in your bedroom? Maybe part of the problem is the bedroom itself. Here are six easy ways you can spruce up your bedroom, making it sexier and more inviting for a little intimacy.
What was once an over-cluttered and poorly-lit space became an open, airy, and elegant home with a modern design.
At 2,800 square feet, this four bedroom had enough space for their family and beautiful details to boot--incredible moldings, hardwood floors, and a stunning fireplace. The downside? Limited storage, a dearth of natural light, and a desperate need for an update.