Globally, we waste 42 million tons of edible grain used for beer-brewing annually. Here's how we can "tap" into spent grain upcycling to curb climate change.
New and out-of-state brews are disappearing from taps across the country as the shutdown continues.
The government shutdown has also prevented new breweries from opening.
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"It's the perfect beer for the judge who doesn't want to be judged."
Sen. Mitch McConnell got a rude awakening when Anti-Kavanaugh demonstrators marched to his door to hold a kegger — with brewskis in hand — to protest the Supreme Court nominee.
The protesters chanted "chug" and "beer" to ask the Senate majority leader: "What do we do with a drunken justice?"
Demonstrators held a kegger at Sen. Mitch McConnell’s home to protest the Supreme Court nominee.
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"I was like, ‘Absolutely I will chug this beer. Are you kidding me?’” Gabby DiMarco says.
Though he later said "all cheap beer is pretty much the same."
"I think some companies are purposely putting out noticably racist ads so they can get more views."