"We’ve clearly entered a dangerous territory — where ‘assurances’ don’t matter anymore,” a fan advocacy group official said.
Nathan Crimp, 22, used the stunt to raise money for Dogs Trust, which shelters abandoned animals.
She drank it all in for a second year in a row at the Grand Slam tennis tournament.
The fan made a splash with a questionable culinary move that was caught on camera.
Instacart shared which brews people consume the most for Sunday's big game (and the one hard seltzer that sneaked onto the list).
Two spectators at the Toronto-Hamilton Eastern Final were charged with trespassing after the dustup.
Diane and Ed Nesselhuf bought the can during a 1971 honeymoon in Denver and vowed to drink it on their golden anniversary.
As the Green New Deal gains more traction in the United States, Republicans think it means that Democrats won’t let them eat meat.