Bipolar Disorder

Demi Lovato told fans she “need(s) time to heal and focus on my sobriety” in an emotional message.
Ariana Grande, Adam Lambert and Meghan Trainor were among those who sent their love to the "Sober" singer.
Despite several attempts to have him return to psychiatric care, my father no longer accepted the existence of his disorder.
"Until recently I lived in denial and isolation and in constant fear someone would expose me."
"I have experienced many things that I have not talked about and don't know if I ever will talk about."
Kaylee Muthart, 19, said she's still pursuing her ambition to become a marine biologist.
We need to educate, continue the dialogue and open the floor for questions we can and must ask one another about wellness.
The comedian opened up about living with borderline personality disorder.
The power of technology holds out promise for the more than 300 million people who face depression around the globe.
“We don’t have the resources to meet the demand through the public system of care. I wish we did."
"I always worry that I’ll be defined by something that most people don’t even fully understand."
“It was so awkward that I wanted to kill myself.” “Yeah no totally. She’s psycho.” “That party was so packed. I was gonna
Dr. Karen Horst agreed to let me repost her writing on genetic testing and maternal mental health. She studied women’s philosophy
By Nancy Merrill, PMHCNS, BC Detoxification from alcohol and/or drugs is an important first step in recovery. However, it’s